No Sweat Helmet Liner Review

No Sweat Helmet Liner Review

During the summer months, it’s an especially great time to play roller hockey. Whether it’s on an indoor rink, or outside on a smooth concrete surface, roller hockey really allows you to work on developing your hands while still enjoying the game to its fullest.

I do have one big issue playing roller hockey though. Regardless of whether it’s inside, or outside, I can’t stop the sweat from rolling down my forehead and into my eyes during the summer months. You all know that stinging feeling that comes along with getting sweat in your eyes too.

Well, thanks to the folks at No Sweat Co, that problem might be a thing of the past. Our friends over there sent us a few of their sweat absorbing helmet liners to try out, so read on to find out what we think of them in our full No Sweat helmet liner review.

No Sweat makes a disposable performance liner that sticks to the inside of any headwear you might use, such as hats or hockey helmets, and will soak up the sweat. This product is designed to keep the sweat out of your eyes, reduce fogging, help prevent sweat stains, and help with skin irritation.

The liner itself is made of a thin, soft, and lightweight material which is certified “FDA hypoallergenic.” The inner layers are designed to pull in all your sweat and moisture and keep it locked in the core. This is called DriLID technology and helps to keep the product dry to the touch. Meanwhile, the adhesive is designed to easily stick to a hockey helmet and later be removed without damaging the foams in any way.

Each liner comes in its own individual packaging and costs $4.99 for a pack of three liners. Each liner can be worn approximately 2-5 skates before needing to be switched out for a new one so each package will yield anywhere between 6-15 skates.

When using the sweat liners, I was pretty pleased with the results. Applying the liner was quite easy, and after you get going, you really just kind of forget that the liner is in your helmet. It also did a nice job of absorbing the sweat when I skated, eliminating the sweat in the eyes problem that can sometimes happen.

The No Sweat liner was also a good fit tucked into a baseball hat. A big concern of mine wearing white hats is that sweat stains will eventually ruin it. No Sweat does a decent job of slowing that process down which extends the life of the hat.

My biggest complaint with the No Sweat liner is that I can only use them for 2-5 skates. At $4.99 for a three-pack, it’s not a huge investment, but over time replacement costs will certainly add up.

My personal preference would be for a reusable liner, one that can be washed and then worn again. When I inquired about this, Collin Iacarella from No Sweat told me a bit about their market research and here’s what he had to say.

“Great question! We found that there was a gap in the marketplace. Reusable sweat absorbing devices were seen as unhygienic and too bulky to fit under hats and helmets.”

The result of their market research and product development was a disposable liner instead of a reusable one. The product is already being used by every NHL official, according to No Sweat Co, and they have all ordered again for the 2017-18 season as well. Additionally, 15 NHL teams had players using the No Sweat helmet liner this past season.

So there you have it. No Sweat liners serve a specific purpose and do a nice job of meeting their goal. Three packs start at $4.99 and they can be purchased from individually or as part of a monthly subscription plan.

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