STX Stallion HPR Stick

Amidst some other stick launches this summer, STX has quietly launched their brand new STX Stallion HPR hockey stick. The new Stallion HPR stick launched on August 4th, and carries some great technology.

The main focus for the STX Stallion HPR stick was to offer a stick with the highest balance point in the game today. The thought process behind this is that with a higher balance point, the stick will feel like it weighs a lot less than it actually does. Coming in at an already very light 425 grams, the STX Stallion HPR stick is said to feel as though it weighs less than 400 grams. 

One of the ways STX was able to achieve this was through the use of their new PureBlade Power Construction technology. This blade is constructed using a combination 18K and 3K carbon weave, and utilizes more high end foams in the core rather than carbon. The design helps to improve the balance point, helping to create that lighter feel. 

When it comes to the combination weave, which is unique to STX, we can find a 3K weave used in the front face of the blade, and the 18K weave on the backhand side. The front face is designed to be stiffer, offering more power and accuracy, while the backhand will be lighter, also helping to improve the balance. 

The STX Stallion HPR stick is using a mid-kick flex profile, and is designed for players looking to maximize power and velocity on their shots. A consistent flex helps to increase the sweet spot, making it truly a shooters stick. 

The shaft itself will offer squared corners with straight sidewalls which is a pretty traditional offering. A matte grip is used as well, and an additional raised texture grip helps to keep the Stallion HPR stick locked in your hands.

As I mentioned, the new STX Stallion HPR stick is now available and can be picked up from our friends at Ice and Inline Warehouse for only $249.99. Head over to IW today to pick up your Stallion HPR and get free shipping on your order as well. 

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