Interview with Tyson Teplitsky, Stick Product Manager at Bauer Hockey

Bauer Hockey

Earlier this month, Bauer Hockey released their all-new Bauer Vapor 1X Lite hockey stick. With new features and incredible technology, the 1X Lite is already proving to be the best Vapor stick ever made. We recently had the privilege of connecting with Tyson Teplitsky, who is a Stick Product Manager at Bauer Hockey, to ask him all about the new Vapor stick and more. Check out our Q and A session below and let us know in the comments if there is anything else you’d like to know about the new Vapor line!

Hockey World Blog: The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite stick was released on November 3rd, can you tell us what makes this stick so special?

Tyson Teplitsky: Our RD&D team has worked really hard to make this our most innovative Vapor stick yet. We have introduced new key technologies, and have translated those introductions into measurable performance benefits for the player.

HWB: What are some of the exciting new features and technology that are part of the new 1X Lite stick? What makes it different than the 1S and 1N sticks?

TT: The 1X Lite features QRT+ technology for 20% improved stability in the blade for better one-timers and pass control, along with ACL technology that reduces blade weight to improve release speed by 11% vs the previous Vapor 1X. Both of these technologies also combine to give us our lightest stick every produced at 399 grams (15 grams lighter vs our previous 1X)
All 3 families are produced with the best materials we can find but designed for a different playing style. Vapor is designed for someone who likes to get their shot off as fast as possible. Nexus is more of an all-around performing stick that loads all shot types very easily. Supreme is designed to maximize energy transfer for powerful shots.

HWB: Much of the marketing for the 1X Lite has been focused on how lightweight the stick is. How much does it weigh and what was done to achieve this incredibly light weight? Is this the lightest stick on the market?

TT: The 1X Lite comes in at 399 grams as our lightest stick yet. ACL technology is the engine behind a lot of the weight savings. It allows us to use thinner layers of carbon while maintaining the durability.

HWB: In addition to being lightweight, players want a strong and durable stick too. Were you able to improve the durability of the 1X stick versus previous generations as well? If so, how was that done?

TT: Again, ACL technology plays a big part in the durability of the stick. By using thinner layers of carbon we can use more layers to help manage stress and impacts that come from multiple angles.

HWB: Often times sticks are designed to fit a particular type of player, what type of player did you have in mind when designing the 1X Lite?

TT: Vapor sticks are always engineered towards the player that likes a low kick stick. Whether it’s, an elusive playmaker like Patrick Kane, a guy like Patrik Laine who takes one-timers and snappers, or a defenseman like Aaron Ekblad that gets their shots off from the point fast, we are always striving to create the best low kick stick possible.

HWB: NHL players must be very critical to the design process of new gear, can you share how they impacted the design process of the latest Supreme and Vapor sticks?

TT: We try to always design our sticks with the consumer and the NHL athlete in mind because acceptance from both is critical. Our NHL guys love the darker graphics, and we’ve been noticing a trend in the traditional consumer towards something that pops and makes them want to grab a stick off the shelf. The dark base combined with the chrome hits along the stick have been born from the two groups of athletes that we try to appeal to.

HWB: When you look at some of the lower price point sticks in your product line, how do they compare to the high-end models from previous generations? How long does it take for the premium technology and features to trickle down the line?

TT: This really depends on the technology. Sometimes it can be the same year that a technology can be brought down. For example, our new Max Balance blade technology is a take down from our Advanced Carbon Layering, but in our lower price points. The principles are very similar, but the materials used are different. In other cases, such as TeXtreme, we haven’t found a better solution or technology to bring into the top price point so it has been at the high end for a few years. We are always trying to innovate at every price point, but we want to make sure we are also creating value and differentiation within each price point.

HWB: For the player who is really on a budget, which stick in the new Vapor line do you think offers the best bang for the buck and why?

TT: Our X900 Lite is our “Best bang for the buck” stick in this launch. At the price point that it sits at, almost no one can compete with the weight and feel that it brings to the consumer.

HWB: Thank you very much, Tyson. We certainly appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to answer our questions!

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