CCM JetSpeed Stick

In 2018, we can finally kiss the RBZ line goodbye as CCM Hockey introduces the new CCM JetSpeed stick.

The CCM JetSpeed stick is an all-new hybrid kickpoint stick designed the take the place of the RBZ stick in their product offering. This kickpoint was designed to create a hinge effect which would allow for greater power while a softer taper zone would help to increase speed. You will also be able to more fully load the shaft on a shot without any unwanted twists occurring.

The new CCM JetSpeed stick will use Jetstream blade construction with dampening layer technology to provide an incredible blade. This setup features a multi-channel blade with a dampening layer on the entire face of the blade. The result is a blade with a unique blend of lightweight, great feel, and tremendous consistency.

Into the shaft of the CCM JetSpeed stick, we’ll find Sigmatex carbon fiber used throughout. Sigmatex, in case you’re not familiar with it, is an exclusive spread tow fabric developed by one of the world’s leaders in composite technology. It’s not only ultra-lightweight but it is also incredibly strong due to its high tension weaving process. The JetSpeed shaft will also have double concave dimensions and a new geometry with a smooth transition area that maximizes bending and more efficiently transfers the energy stored.

CCM’s new JetSpeed stick will come in senior, intermediate, and junior sizing. Senior sizes of 105 flex and 95 flex will come in a 62-inch length, while 85 and 75 flex will be 59 inches. Intermediate 65 flex will come in a 57-inch length and 55 flex with a 55-inch length. Junior sizes will also come in two sizes, 50 flex with 52-inch length and a 40 flex with a length of 49 inches. Standard patterns available will be the P28, P29, and P30.

The CCM JetSpeed stick will be available for pre-sale from our friends at Ice and Inline Warehouse on May 29th. The stick will officially launch on June 29th at retail stores everywhere.

CCM JetSpeed Stick

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