2018 True A6.0 HT Stick

As part of the A series refresh that True Hockey is rolling out, this year they are introducing the brand new 2018 True A6.0 HT stick aka the 2018¬†True A6.0 Hair Trigger stick. While it’s still designed to be a power shooter’s stick, the 2018 True A6.0 HT stick is “made True for the player seeking highly responsive, quick release wrist and snapshots.”

The 2018 True A6.0 HT stick is engineered with a low kick-point. This design offers a flex point in the bottom third of the shaft near the hosel which allows for quick loading and release on wristers and snapshots. Weighing in at 415 grams, the stick will offer a matte grip shaft with square corners and double concave sidewalls. The blade of the A6.0 HT stick will also have a matte finish.

Speaking of the blade, the 2018 True A6.0 HT stick offers the strongest and most consistent blade ever produced by True Hockey. By using their new lighter and more durable BRT+ blade, the power output and feel will remain consistent over the life of the blade, meaning you’ll always have great power and excellent feel for the puck. With the reduced weight in the blade, True was able to redistribute that weight into the shaft to make it even stronger. In fact, the new 2018 True A6.0 HT stick has a 20% increase in shaft impact strength versus the previous A6.0.

The shaft of the 2018 True A6.0 HT stick will use True Hockey’s industry-leading one-piece Axenic construction. This design really optimizes the weight throughout the stick which makes for incredible balance and feel. The balance point creates an incredibly low swing weight, which increases your mobility when shooting for harder and faster shots. The stick is also optimized for ease in energy loading and produces explosive power from any shooting position.

If you’re interested in grabbing a new 2018 True A6.0 HT stick, you can pick one up today from our friends at Ice and Inline Warehouse. The 2018 True A6.0 HT stick costs 269.99 and is now available, click here to check them out!

2018 True A6.0 HT Stick

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