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When it comes to great hockey equipment, Bauer is obviously a household name. They’re always on the leading edge in terms of innovation and great design. However, to some, their offerings have become stagnant. Prices of their products continue to go up, but the performance and feature benefits don’t always increase at the same rate. With the release of the Bauer Supreme 1S stick in 2017, Bauer was hoping to elevate their game by delivering a world class stick to the hands of hockey players everywhere. Did they end up reaching that goal? Find out more by reading our full Bauer Supreme 1S stick review below!

Note: Our friends at Bauer Hockey were gracious enough to send us a review unit of the Bauer Supreme 1S Stick. However, that has not influenced the below review in any way. The thoughts and opinions shared in our Bauer Supreme 1S stick review are ours alone and put together after a few months of using the stick.


The Bauer Supreme 1S stick used in our review was a senior sized right-handed stick which was Bauer’s standard of 60 inches in length. We opted for an 87 flex and a PM9 blade pattern.

Features, Design, and Construction:

The Bauer Supreme 1S stick is a true one-piece stick built with Bauer’s Monocomp technology which eliminates the fusion between blade and shaft which occurs in some composite sticks. It’s constructed of TeXtreme Construction which is 20% lighter than traditional 12k carbon fiber, and also 20% better at managing impacts. Additionally, the stick uses Bauer’s proprietary resin system (eLASTech Technology) which provides an increase in strength and prevents tiny micro-fractures from growing.

Bauer Supreme 1S Stick Review

Bauer designed the Supreme 1S stick with a Supreme Power Taper which allows maximum load with minimal torque and twisting. This allows for more accurate shots and better control of the puck. The stick uses a Maximum Power Kick (MPK) mid-flex profile with an extended transfer zone. This setup enhances shot power while also improving the quickness of snap and wrist shot releases. Beyond that, the MPK flex profile, which uses varying stiffness levels at strategic points throughout the shaft, stores up to 14% more energy and unloads 20% more energy than the previous generation Supreme MX3 stick.

Moving into the blade, Bauer enhanced the Supreme 1S stick with Renewcore blade technology. Using Renewcore gel, a pressurized and liquid state gel core, Bauer designed a blade which strategically fills or patches any cracks which may occur within the blade. This design increases durability and extends the life of the stick. The gel’s properties also help to increase shot power and puck feel.


One of the most important performance features in a hockey stick to me is the performance of the blade. It’s crucial to me that the blade is responsive and offers great feedback and a nice feel for the puck on your stick. This is an area of the MX3 stick where I was not thoroughly impressed. However, one of the first things I noticed about the Supreme 1S stick when I stepped on to the rink was how much better the puck feel was. The enhancement in puck feel can almost certainly be attributed to the new Renewcore blade technology offered in the Supreme 1S. Regardless of the fact that it can also improve the durability of the blade, this new blade is a huge selling point for me.

Bauer Supreme 1S Stick Review

My concern with the 1S was that, based on its design, it was primarily going to be a stick for slapshots. Since I don’t take too many slapshots during games, I was worried that the stick wouldn’t perform up to my expectations for wrist shots and snap shots. I was wrong, though.

The enhancements Bauer made to the flex profile make this stick a dual threat as far as I’m concerned. No matter what style of shot you typically go for, the Bauer Supreme 1S is up to the task. When shooting slapshots, the stick felt powerful and offered a nice kick and release typical of what you would expect with the Supreme line. With wrist shots and snap shots, I was even more impressed. The release with the 1S felt quick and I was confident sticking with my go-to shots during any games I played.

Overall Impressions:

Heading into this review, I really was not confident that this stick would meet my needs as a player. The Supreme line has a history of being great for those powerful clap bombs you might take, but if that’s not a primary shot in your arsenal, is this really a stick you should be considering?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes! To me, the Bauer Supreme 1S stick is perhaps the start of Bauer’s comeback story. Yes, I know they never went anywhere and remained a leader in the market. But, on the other hand, with the exception of the Nexus line, their sticks began to fall behind the offerings from the competition. They were stale, and even the regular updates did nothing to blow your mind.

This release shows that Bauer can still innovate, and improve their products when necessary. The blade on previous Bauer sticks was typically a concern for me, but Bauer did a great job addressing those concerns with the Renewcore blade technology. The added responsiveness and improved puck feel are a huge selling point, and the fact that it improves blade durability is just the icing on the cake.

If you’re a Supreme stick user and fan that is looking for a new stick, the Supreme 1S should definitely be one that you consider. It meets all of the expectations from the previous generation stick and offers some key upgrades at the same time with the Renewcore blade and the more versatile MPK technology.

Where to Buy?

The Bauer Supreme 1S stick is available now from our friends over at Ice and Inline Warehouse. It comes in senior, intermediate, and junior sizes with flexes ranging from 102 on the senior side all the way down to 35. It is also available in either a Griptac or Non-Griptac finish. If you’re ready to get your hands on one, you can pick up the Supreme 1S forĀ  $299.99 today from Ice and Inline Warehouse. Once you’ve spent some time with it, be sure to check back in with us and leave a comment with your own review to help your fellow hockey players decide on the best stick to meet their needs!

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