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Earlier this spring, Conquest Hockey launched with the mission of providing high-quality premium sportswear and comfort wear to those hockey players who identify as champions and are willing to endure the journey to achieving their personal greatness.

Founder James Pursell started the company with a focus on hockey players and athletes who “Play to Win,” just as he did.

“I wanted to give an identity to those that care only about becoming great on and off the ice; and are willing to do whatever it takes like I was,” Pursell told us. “I never really resonated with trying to be a ‘beauty’ and following the overwhelming hockey stereotypes that everyone else was trying to become. My only concern was becoming great and dominating. I just wanted to win, and I was willing to do anything to achieve it,” he added.

Pursell’s hockey career took him through years of Jr. A and Jr. B hockey, as well as being drafted to the OHL at age 16, but nearly a decade later his inner drive to succeed and win is helping to propel the success of Conquest Hockey.

To get a better look at the products offered by Conquest Hockey, James was kind enough to send over a couple sample shirts and hats for us to take a look at. The first thing I noticed was the attention to detail and quality put in to this new line. Not only did the shirts and hats look great, but the quality felt premium just as Pursell had intended. In fact, the Virtuoso Mesh cap is quite honestly one of the best mesh caps I have ever tried on and it immediately was added to my hat rotation. The shirts, too, felt superb and soft to the touch. They are an outstanding addition for any hockey player looking to show off their inner drive and desire to win and achieve great things.

What impressed me even more, however, was the attention to detail with packaging. Conquest Hockey shipped the order in a customized bag with their logo printed on, and the package included a handwritten note. The apparel was also wrapped very nicely inside the shipping package. While these may seem like small or unimportant details, they really reflect well for a brand and company that is encouraging others to “Play to Win.”

To see the whole line from Conquest Hockey, head over to Currently, they offer four different t-shirts and eight different hats as part of their initial 2018 lineup.

Beyond that, be sure to visit Conquest on Instagram.

“Each of our Instagram posts has a caption that’s either practical or inspirational to show people what mindset it takes to become great,” Pursell says.

Sounds like something we can all get on board with, so give them a follow and start your conquest.

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