Warrior Alpha DX Stick Available for Pre-Order

Warrior Alpha DX Stick

Warrior Hockey fans rejoice, the all new Warrior Alpha DX stick line is now available for pre-order from our friends at Ice and Inline Warehouse!

Leading the charge for the DX Stick line is the elite level Warrior Alpha DX Stick. At $259.99, it’s not a bad deal for an elite level stick, and especially one weighing less than 400 grams. The stick itself features a mid-low kick point and offers a great balance between shot power and release quickness. The Alpha DX stick also features new 1400D Minimus carbon fiber and a true one piece construction.

Pre-Order the Warrior Alpha DX Stick

Next in the line is the Alpha DX Pro stick coming in at $199.99. This stick is a bit heavier at 445 grams, but is going to offer tremendous performance for high level players while still saving a bit of money versus the premier level stick. This version is constructed with Minimus 1000D carbon fiber and a flat weave.

Check out the Alpha DX Pro Stick

The Warrior Alpha DX3 stick is up next with a price of $149.99. This is a performance model, great for beer leaguers looking to get solid performance without spending a ton, and weighs in at 435 grams. The DX3 utilizes Minimus 800D carbon fiber in the shaft and is paired with 12k carbon fiber in the blade.

Check out the Alpha DX3 Stick

If you’re looking for a stick under $100 to get by on, the Warrior Alpha DX4 stick could be your choice. It’s a bit heavier at 465 grams, and uses Minimus 400D carbon fiber paired with performance fiberglass. It’s a true one-piece constructed stick, but will likely be for those players sticking to a budget or those who are newer to the game and are looking for a decent twig.

Check out the Alpha DX4 Stick

The Warrior Alpha DX5 stick will be your true entry level stick made for recreational level players. Starting at a cool $69.99, the DX5 stick is perfect for anyone who is new to the game or simply doesn’t want to break the bank purchasing hockey gear. It still features a true one-piece design and a low kick point, but weighs in at 540 grams using a blend of Minimus carbon and fiberglass.

Check out the Warrior Alpha DX5 Stick

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