Bauer Nexus ADV Stick

The latest piece of hockey gear sparking a lot of conversation around the NHL is the upcoming Bauer Nexus ADV stick.

While Bauer has already released two previous ADV sticks, the Bauer Nexus ADV stick is the first to come with some wild new technology. The game changing feature that we’re seeing is called SlingTech and is essentially just a long hole in the upper portion of the blade, whichs runs nearly the full length of the blade. The intent of this hole, or SlingTech, is not clear at this point, but we can certainly make some assumptions. It is likely that Bauer was looking to enhance the blade by making it lighter and stronger while also improving your release and accuracy.

Bauer Nexus ADV Stick Blade

The previous iterations of the ADV stick have been released as limited edition models, and it’s likely that the trend continues with the Bauer Nexus ADV stick. The prior models were also focused on pushing the boundaries of performance and weight reduction, which also resulted in sacrifices in durability. The Vapor ADV stick in particular saw a lot of complaints due to its high price tag and poor durability.

The Bauer Nexus ADV stick was first seen in the hands of Brayden Schenn of the St. Louis Blues. While he hasn’t switched over to using the stick full time, it has seen some game action. The SlingTech feature seems quite gimmicky upon first glance, but time will tell on whether or not the Bauer Nexus ADV stick is well received.

Early rumors suggest the Bauer Nexus ADV stick could see a release date in February 2020. It has also been suggested that we’ll see more of this stick at the 2020 NHL All-Star Weekend, which takes place January 24-25 in St. Louis. That would certainly be a good opportunity to get some eyes on it ahead of a February release date.

Update: The Bauer Nexus ADV stick is now available online from our friends at Ice Warehouse. Click here to check it out and get yours today!

Bauer Nexus ADV Stick   Bauer Nexus ADV Stick Blade  Bauer Nexus ADV Stick


  1. I wanna to test the stick because i need a new one. After the long time i play icehockey, i want to test something new.
    i am a good icehockey Player

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