True AX9 Stick

True AX9 Stick

Earlier this year the folks at True Hockey unveiled their 2020 line of sticks, including the flagship and top-end True AX9 stick. Let’s take a closer look at the stick and see what the True AX9 stick is all about.

The brand new technology featured on the True AX9 stick is FiberShield Technology. This new setup features dispersed low-density nanoparticles, only 10nm in diameter, throughout the entire shaft and blade of the stick. This unique formula and mixing procedure result in a consistent dispersion of the nanoparticles, making the stiffness of the stick consistent throughout and helping to reduce weight up to 5% while improving the durability of the True AX9 stick. In fact, according to True, the AX9 stick is 39% stronger than their previous model.

Not only does the True AX9 stick include FiberShield technology, but it also carries over several technologies from previous generations. First, the BRT+ tech is included in the blade of the True AX9 stick to make it stronger and lighter with increased heel durability. Next, they’ve carried over SmartPly technology which is a process where the fiber angles and order of those angles are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft. According to True, this creates the ideal blend of weight, balance, and industry-leading impact strength. The final carried over piece is Axenic Technology, which is True Hockey’s process which combines a compression molded shaft into a true one-piece stick. This incredible process results in a seamless build of the True AX9 stick and an incredible feel for the puck.

Rounding things out, the True AX9 stick now has an updated flex profile versus previous generations. The new model features a modified flex profile designed with speed in mind. The flex point is now near the hosel in the bottom third of the shaft of the True AX9 stick. The result is an effortless loading process and explosive shots that are lightning quick to release. This setup makes the True AX9 stick an awesome weapon for both wrist shots and slap shots and one of the premier sticks on the market today.

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