True TF9 Skates

It seems as though True Hockey will be releasing a new skate line for retail, and lead the way with the True TF9 skates.

Currently, True Hockey only has one pair of player skates available to consumers, their True Pro Custom Player skate. It’s a great skate, without a doubt, but at a price point starting at $949.99, it’s not exactly in every player’s budget.

That’s exactly where the new line comes in.

The True TF9 skates are constructed with a carbon fiber one-piece shell featuring TRUESHELL Technology. Using a combination of carbon fiber and thermoplastic, True has created a thermoformable boot that offers a customized skating experience. Their aim is to achieve best-in-class fit along with unmatched power on each and every stride. The TRUESHELL technology also wraps around the toe box, eliminating potential weak points in the boot and increasing protection.

In the front of the True TF9 skates, you’ll find an adjustable anatomical tongue with a stiff and contoured design. It’s lightweight, provides great comfort, and includes a T-Guard insert for enhanced protection against impacts and lace bite.

The True TF9 skates will feature a clarino liner with HydroFoam tech inside the boot. Not only will this liner help to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry, but it also features an antimicrobial treatment, and provides incredible comfort through the use of multi-density foams.

Below your feet, the True TF9 skates will feature an insole system that integrates fit inserts to accommodate low, mid, and high arches. The insoles are marked with the proper spot to place the insert, making it easy for you to position to get the proper fit, regardless of your arch type.

Beneath the boot, the True TF9 skates will feature an all-new SHIFT holder that features enhanced BenchChange technology. This is going to allow for even faster blade replacement without the need for a magnetized blade change tool. The SHIFT holder will come with an Onyx runner featuring a black coated finish, the perfect way to finish off the great look of these skates.

The True TF9 skates will launch July 16th in Europe and August 13th in North America. They will retail for $599.99 USD for the senior version, and $399.99 for the junior version.

Check out the upcoming True TF9 skates below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts. What do you think of the features? Would you pick up a pair of these over a similarly priced pair of skates from Bauer or CCM?

True Hockey TF9 Skates


  1. Looking forward to seeing True move into the non-custom market. As you mention, hopefully they keep their great moldability… I’m currently in Mako M8 skates, and would certainly look here first for replacements over Bauer/CCM…

    • Fuck yer im still on the m8s myself and have a brand new pair still waiting as i certainly do not think bauer or ccm have it in them to come close to how good they are ! Also the toe cap look on the trues is a big off put for me ! But there is a massive void that needs to be filled with easton all gone now !

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