Marsblade R1 Chassis

Marsblade R1 Chassis

If you’re a roller hockey player, you’re going to want to take a close look at the upcoming Marsblade R1 roller hockey chassis.

You probably remember Marsblade from the original O1 chassis which was designed as an off-ice training tool for hockey players. However, the new Marsblade R1 chassis is 100% optimized for in-game roller hockey performance and meant to be worn in a competitive setting.

The big feature of the new R1 frame is the patented Flow Motion Technology. This customizable rocker allows you to utilize your natural maneuverability, helping to maximize performance and skating comfort. The rocking movement of the frame allows you to keep all four wheels in contact with the skating surface during more of your stride, resulting in additional power being generated. Beyond that, it will help you to turn quicker, while also improving your grip and balance.

New and unique to the Marsblade R1 chassis is the customizable rocker insert. This insert allows you to adjust your R1 frame to match your skating style. The frame comes with four different inserts, with a radius span of 5 to 15 feet. In the future, Marsblade expects to have even more inserts available.

The Marsblade R1 frame will also feature a hi-lo style setup with 80mm wheels in the back and 76mm in the front for large and medium-sized frames. On a small frame, it will utilize 72mm wheels in the back and 68mm in the front.

In terms of construction, the upper portion of the Marsblade R1 is made of glass fiber reinforced Polyamide and the lower made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. It weighs in at 282 grams, without wheels and bearings. This makes it almost 100 grams lighter than the original Marsblade off-ice training frame.

As of now, the Marsblade R1 is available in three different pre-order options. First, you can order the frame already mounted on an Alkali Revel 1 boot. Next, you can order the frame by itself with wheels and bearings. Both of these options feature Swiss bearings along with Revision Variant wheels. If you want only the frame, that option is available as well. You can purchase just the R1 chassis without any wheels or bearings, and have them mounted on skates you already own with your own wheel choice.

The Marsblade R1 chassis has a special pre-order deal going on for early backers. Your choice of setup is currently 30% off from the standard retail price, regardless of which option you go with. The chassis with the boot will retail for $699, but early backers can get it for $489 with a pre-order. The chassis with wheels and bearings will retail for $299, or $209 for pre-order. Finally, the chassis by itself will cost $199, or only $139 with a pre-order.

Shipments of the Marsblade R1 will begin in July and August for the chassis itself, and into September for the chassis-mounted on an Alkali Revel 1 boot.

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