Bauer Reversible Fabric Face Masks Available to Order

Bauer Reversible Fabric Face Mask

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, chances are that if you are venturing out much these days you might be not want to go anywhere without a face covering like the Bauer Reversible Fabric Face Masks.

The Bauer face masks are manufactured using a double layer of 100% polyester and are designed to comfortably fit over your mouth and nose. The stretchable bands wrap around each ear and make the masks a one size fits all setup. The masks are also washable, allowing you to properly clean after each use.

The new face masks from Bauer Hockey come in three different designs. Each mask is also reversible, with a different design on each side, allowing you to choose a different look depending on your mood. The first mask is black and camouflage, the second is navy blue and stars in a patriotic looking theme, while the third design is a blue and white net.

With many retailers and workplaces now requiring masks or other face coverings, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on some face masks. The Bauer reversible fabric face masks are a nice option to have as a hockey player, showing support for your brand in a whole new way.

The Bauer face masks are currently available for $9.99. Click here to pick up yours today!

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