Conquest Hockey Recharge Tech Fleece Review

As we gear up for fall and cooler weather, it’s time to check out the Recharge Tech Fleece from Conquest Hockey. Our friends from Conquest sent one over to us in black for a review, and below we’ll give you our full thoughts on it.

Starting with the design, the Recharge Tech Fleece is a full zip hoodie with two front pockets that zip. It has a rounded scoop bottom, and drawstrings to adjust the hood. It’s made from premium 100% fleece lined polyester and offers a medium amount of stretch in a medium weight fabric.

Moving into the fit, you’ll find a relaxed style which is loose and comfortable with a taper at the bottom. The rounded scoop bottom helps to eliminate bagginess and completes a modern athletic look.

The first thing that jumps out at me with the Recharge Tech Fleece when I put it on is how light it is. Despite it being made using a midweight fabric, it feels pretty light when I’m wearing it. With that said, it also feels quite warm when wearing it around on those chilly mornings and nights we’ve had so far in Michigan. With a t-shirt or long sleeve on underneath, this fleece can compliment you perfectly when the temperatures start to drop.

At 6’0 and 195 lbs, I decided on a size large for the Recharge Tech Fleece. I’m left wondering, however, if that was a mistake. The model in the picture on their website is 6’2 and 210 lbs and the fit seems pretty spot on. For me, however, the fleece feels a bit large. The length in the body seems great for me, but the arms feel a bit long. For my body, the medium probably would have been a better choice.

What I love about Conquest Apparel, and this is certainly no exception, is the stretchiness of their products. The Recharge Tech Fleece is described as having a medium amount of stretch, but for me its perfect. The range of motion is exceptional in all areas, whether I’m sitting around with beer in hand, actively warming up for hockey, or in a full workout in the garage gym. The only complaint is a bit of tightness and bunching in the center when sitting, due to the zipper in particular. This is not a Conquest problem, but more or less a personal issue with zip ups.

I’m also a big fan of how high up you can zip the Recharge Tech Fleece. When fully zipped, it provides a pretty solid covering of my entire neck, meaning I can venture out in to cold winter weather without worrying about an additional accessory like a scarf. Layering this piece with a coat would likely keep me comfortable in all winter conditions.

I don’t want to forget touching on the dual zip pockets either. These are perfect for concealing items like keys, cell phone, air pods, or other small accessories, and not having to worry about them falling out. The pockets are deep enough for your hands to fit comfortably as well, but not so deep that your extra carry items are going to get lost. I also appreciate that there are two separate pockets, as opposed to one on most hoodies, so you can keep items separated and not worry about them falling to the center.

Overall I’m a fan of what Conquest Hockey has done with the Recharge Tech Fleece. I’d love to see an option without a full length zipper, but all things considered, this is another solid piece and one that I will continue to wear without hesitation.

If you’re interested in checking out the Recharge Tech Fleece, or any of Conquest Hockey’s other items, head over to You can grab a Recharge Tech Fleece in black or white, at a cost of $79 CAD or $60.51 USD.

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