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In 2021, Warrior Hockey will refresh their stick line and introduce the Warrior Alpha LX Pro stick as the premier option.

The Warrior Alpha LX Pro stick will be Warrior’s lightest and toughest stick ever. It is constructed using unidirectional minimus carbon fiber in a flat weave to create an incredible blend of efficiency, durability, and light weight. It will be enhanced even further with Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 188. While it’s not the best name for tech in a stick, it is the highest-grade construction Warrior has ever used with the most advanced material selection and processing technologies. The result is an incredibly light and durable hockey stick. With a combination of modern carbon composite technology, lower weight fibers, and thermoplastic toughened epoxy resin, the Warrior Alpha LX Pro stick will provide optimal performance and balance to the player.

Warrior will use an Ergo Shaft Shape in the Warrior Alpha LX Pro stick. This ergonomic design features a contour shaped shaft that will feel locked in securely to your hands, while also remaining comfortable to hold on to. The result is improved touch and feel for the puck, leading to better dekes, toe drags, and shots.

The Warrior Alpha LX Pro stick will also feature Apex Grip Texture in the shaft. This is essentially a textured zone combined with a tacky soft grip finish which will help to keep your hands locked in place.

Moving down into the taper, you will find Sabre Taper II technology on the Warrior Alpha LX Pro stick. This exclusive taper design uses a special geometry with a low kick flex that is torsionally stable to provide a powerful and accurate release. An all-new laminate design helps to reduce weight even further, allowing the stick to recoil faster on every shot.

Warrior is marketing the Warrior Alpha LX Pro stick as sort of a “do it all” stick. In other words, the Alpha LX Pro is designed to not only be a great stick for getting off quick wristers with the low kick, but also for hard and powerful slapshots from anywhere on the ice.

The upcoming Warrior Alpha LX Pro sticks are already being used by players in the NHL. The stick will officially launch at retail during the summer of 2021.

Keep your eyes on the site for release date details when they’re available. If you’re looking for a Warrior stick now, check out our friends at Ice Warehouse for a great deal and free shipping.

Warrior Alpha LX Pro Stick

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