Bauer Supreme Mach Skates

Bauer Hockey will refresh their Supreme line of skates in 2022 and their top entry for the year will be the new Bauer Supreme Mach Skates.

The Bauer Supreme Mach skates are going to offer a slew of awesome features, but there are three key upgrades that they are focused on.

First up, the Bauer Supreme Mach skates will feature an Active Motion Performance Flex zone. The AMP Flex Facing is located between the 2nd and 3rd eyelets and will result in enhanced forward flex during each stride. This improved range of motion will lead to a more powerful stride, key to the Supreme line of skates.

Next, you will find a new Powercoil tongue on the Bauer Supreme Mach skates. The Powercoil tongue features an injected insert with faster recoil speed. The result is the improved ability to flex and load the Bauer Mach skate versus prior iterations.

Finally, a new Unibody Powerwrap Technology, C.Y.B., will be used to stiffen the lower portion of the Bauer Supreme Mach skates. This is going to optimize energy transfer specifically as you are digging into the ice and pushing off with a powerful stride.

Outside of the new upgrades in the Bauer Supreme Mach skates, let’s dive into what else is featured.

Starting with the boot, we’ll find a 3D lasted 12K Carbon Curv composite quarter package on the Bauer Supreme Mach skates. This material is obviously going to be incredibly rigid, great for energy transfer, and of course, very lightweight. The boot will also be fully thermoformable to customize the fit around your foot.

Moving inside the Bauer Supreme Mach skates, you’ll find a Lock-Fit Pro liner. This liner has properties to not only help keep your foot locked in place, but also to wick away sweat and keep your feet dry during games. You will also find Aerofoam Pro ankle pads which are going to keep your feet feeling comfortable.

Below your feet, there will be a Lock-Fit Pro footbed in the Bauer Supreme Mach skates. This footbed features a grip print to help keep your foot locked down.

Under the new Unibody Powerrap Technology outsole, the Bauer Supreme Mach skates feature a Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder, with the option to choose your own runner in North America.

To round things out, Bauer will also include an asymmetrical toe cap on the Bauer Supreme Mach skates. This design is used to help eliminate negative space in the boot, resulting in additional energy transfer with each stride.

The Bauer Supreme Mach skates are set to be released later this year. They will be available in senior and intermediate sizes, and offered in Bauer’s Fit 1, Fit 2, and Fit 3.

Be sure to keep checking back with us for updates on Bauer Supreme Mach release date, or head over to our friends at Ice Warehouse to grab them when they’re available.

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Bauer Supreme Mach Skates

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