Bauer Ag5nt Hockey Stick

One of the most anticipated sticks left to drop in 2022 is finally inching closer to a release date. Within the next several weeks, Bauer will officially unveil the Bauer Ag5nt stick or Bauer Agent stick.

There’s not a ton of confirmed information available yet about the Bauer Ag5nt stick, but there are a ton of rumors. Let’s dive in to the speculation.

First, we’re hearing that the stick will be more of a limited release, similar to what Bauer has done in the past with the ADV series. The Bauer Agent release is said to feature a low-kick profile, falling right in line with the Vapor series of sticks.

Next, we can dive into the name. The Ag5nt spelling of the Bauer Agent stick is apparently a bit of a clue here. Rumor has it that the materials used in construction of the Bauer Ag5nt stick include Boron. A quick look at the periodic table of elements points to 5; Boron. This would certainly explain the interesting take on spelling.

Boron Carbide is also an extremely hard material used in tank armor, and bullet proof vets, among other things. This means the Bauer Ag5nt stick may be a bit more of a tank itself when it comes to durability out on the rink.

Increased durability would be a welcome improvement for the Bauer Ag5nt, especially when you consider the rumored weight of this stick. It is speculated that the senior version of the Bauer Agent stick will come in at a mind-blowing 335 grams. This would make it the lightest stick on the market.

Similar to the Hyperlite stick, the upcoming Bauer Ag5nt stick will feature the XE Taper technology. This unique taper, for those who don’t know, is the elliptical taper that was originally used on the Easton Stealth stick and then later carried over to the Vapor series.

The warning featured on the graphics package “Warning: May Cause More Goals” sheds light into the fact that Bauer has designed the Bauer Ag5nt stick to be a goal scorers weapon.

With all of Bauer’s social media influencers wearing shirts depicting a code of “022 010 014,” there is also speculation that the stick will officially launch on October 14th.

Keep an eye out for the Bauer Ag5nt stick, or Bauer Agent stick, coming soon to a hockey retailer near you. We’ll be refreshing our browsers on on October 14th to see if that launch date is accurate.

As always, keep checking back for further updates or head over to our friends at Ice Warehouse to shop the best gear from Bauer Hockey. Also, don’t forget to drop a comment with your thoughts on the upcoming Bauer Ag5nt stick!

Bauer Ag5nt Stick

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