Third Assist Refhlex Pond Hockey Gloves

With the dawn of another NHL season already upon us, it’s comforting knowing that not only is hockey back, but we’re also approaching pond hockey season once again. With that, we can take a look at one of the most essential pieces of gear you will want for the pond or outdoor rinks this winter, the Third Assist Refhlex pond hockey gloves.

Third Assist Refhlex Pond Hockey Gloves

Much of my childhood was spent at the outdoor rink with numb fingers inside my hockey gloves, or with layers of thin gloves hoping to keep my hands warm. Either way, the result was atrocious and my stickhandling took a major hit. Now I know, there is a better way.

Third Assist pioneered the pond hockey gloves, and have a great looking product in the Refhlex glove. What makes them so special is the Refhlex lining which reflects your own body heat back into the glove. It’s very similar to the way an emergency blanket works. Not does it redirect heat, but it also helps to wick away moisture to help keep your hands dry. Another great feature is the anti-bacterial properties which help to reduce odor causing bacteria.

The Third Assist Refhlex gloves are also intelligently designed with a neoprene gaiter to keep a regulated enclosure around your hand. The flexibility of the material will still allow your hands to move freely, but you’ll have the added protection from the elements. They have also designed the cuff to be slightly expanded to allow for maximum wrist mobility, whether you’re playing on a fresh sheet of ice inside, out out on a pond with a few extra layers on.

Third Assist Refhlex Pond Hockey Gloves

As far as the glove design, it’s a traditional four-roll style glove with a nylon shell which will provide an excellent feel and tremendous mobility. Over on the other side, you have a soft-feel nash palm which has been left unaltered to provide you with the maximum amount of control and feel that nash palms offer.

If you’re planning on hitting the ponds or outdoor rinks this winter, be sure to check out the Refhlex gloves to keep those mitts toasty!


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