Reebok 9k Roller Hockey Skate

Update: The Reebok 9k roller hockey skate is now available at Inline Warehouse for only $349.99. Head over to IW now to check them out!

A few days ago we brought you a sneak peak of the upcoming 2011 Reebok 11k roller hockey skate with Hum’er chassis. At that time I was curious if they would go with a white version for the 9k. Well, it only took a couple days, and now we have a sneak peak at the 2011 Reebok 9k roller hockey skate. Sure enough, they went with white. I am definitely a fan of the boot on this skate, but the chassis doesn’t look nearly as nice as it does on the 11k.

The boot itself on the Reebok 9k roller hockey skate looks really solid, and very similar to the ice boot. You’re gonna get a nice felt tongue with the 9k, as well as the lace lock and pump technology that we’re all familiar with. The Labeda frame is, of course, a welcome addition to the new Reebok line. The tri-di chassis was far from our favorite roller hockey frame. The Labeda Millenium wheels will be nice as well.

Anyone looking to pick up the Reebok 9k inline skates can head over to Inline Warehouse now. They new skates will set you back only $349.99.

What are your thoughts on the new 2011 Reebok 9k roller hockey skate?

2011 Reebok 9k Roller Hockey Skate
2011 Reebok 9k Roller Hockey Skate


  1. Lame. Why can’t they release ONE model that doesn’t have a 4x80mm setup. I think that setup lacks acceleration and forces a flatter foot stance. I like the old setup.

    • Actually, it’s aimed to increase speed because of its all size 80mm. If you notice, the back of the boot is lifted, so still will have that forward stance

  2. Does anybody know what the pitch is like on Reeboks new inlines with the hummer chassis? I’ve also been skaing on tri-di for years and it has a forward pitch. I need to replace my old 5ks but I’m just not sure how I’m going to feel in the straight 80 setup. My biggest concern with the straight 80 is will I lose my balance and agility with being higher off the floor?

    • I have been skating on the hum’er chassis on my tours for a couple of years now after using the tri-di before that. I find the hum’er frame a lot nicer to skate on, pitch is no issue, and you can always put a 76mm wheel on the front to give a similar feel to tri-di. Personally i use a 76-80-80-76 double rocker giving me excellent acceleration and turning.

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