STX To Produce Hockey Line For 2014 Season

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Bauer, Reebok/CCM, Easton and Warrior will soon have some major company when it comes to battling for market share in the area of hockey equipment. STX, a popular lacrosse equipment manufacturer, is currently developing hockey equipment which will debut in time for the 2014 season. Included in their line-up will be protective equipment as well as composite sticks.

For more information on the upcoming STX line of hockey equipment, check out the full press release from STX below:

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore-based STX, LLC, a global sporting goods leader, today announced the launch of its ice hockey division. STX, currently manufacturing lacrosse, golf, and field hockey equipment, will begin production and sales of its ice hockey equipment in the Fall of 2014.

STX has a reputation for developing industry-leading products, and ice hockey will be no different. The STX Ice Hockey line will initially include padding and sticks.

“Over the past two years, we have taken a very methodical and deliberate approach by leveraging our existing knowledge of protective gear and stick composites to create products of which we are really proud,” said Jason Goger, President of STX. “Recently, the process has dramatically accelerated due to the addition of some key players with extensive experience in the ice hockey industry who will help us equip the world’s best players with STX products by the 2014 season.”

STX has installed dedicated Management, a Research & Development team, and a Product team to develop and launch STX Ice Hockey.

Matt Hoppe was brought on as point person for the new division. The Michigan native has a long history of ice hockey in his personal and professional life. In addition to playing at University of New Hampshire, Hoppe spent extensive time in US and Global brand manager positions for an existing ice hockey brand. At STX, he has played a central role in establishing a product road map and strategic plan for the new Ice Hockey division.

“We are looking to make our mark on the sport of ice hockey as we have done with our game changing equipment introductions in the lacrosse industry,” noted Hoppe. “The research and development team here at STX is unmatched in its approach. An intense level of research and understanding of the athlete’s needs are completed first and foremost, in order to inform the design and development process.”

Additionally, Rocco Amonte, former pro service representative for a global ice hockey business, has joined the STX team. “Rocco was a natural choice for us to serve is this role,” said Goger. “Given his nearly 20 years in the hockey industry, and his family’s unique connection to the sport of lacrosse (his sister coaches Division I college powerhouse Northwestern), Rocco is very familiar with our brand and what we stand for.” Amonte will focus on creating the infrastructure required to serve the needs of players in the professional hockey leagues.

Also joining the team is composite materials engineer Sam Lacey. Lacey brings eight years of composite product development expertise to the growing STX R&D group. “Sam is a significant addition to our dedicated ice hockey design team,” according to Goger. “With experience in the golf and outdoor industries, including core competencies in product design, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance and analysis, he further solidifies our commitment to generating best in-class product.”

The company’s downtown Baltimore headquarters is currently expanding its offices and in the midst of a hiring push fueled by the additional growth created by the new division. Several thousand new feet of office space are being added, and upgrades to the Bush Street distribution center will be made to accommodate the increased business volume.

Drop us a line in the comments below and let us know your thoughts about STX entering the ice hockey market. Are you excited to see and use their new products? Will you switch from your current brand to try STX?


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