Bauer OD1N Protective Body Suit

Bauer Hockey unveiled the Bauer OD1N protective body suit during its press conference today. The new protective gear will be utilized by athletes during the 2014 Olympics.

This new protective gear is lighter than anything available on the market today, and just as strong. Using a 3d body scan, Bauer is able to create an OD1N protective body suit to match each players body type.

The new Bauer OD1N protective body suits utilize Curv composite, the same material seen in their skates, as well as foam to meet IIHF specifications for the Olympics.

With a protective body suit that as a whole weighs far less than anything worn today, Bauer has been able to improve a players speed and durability. The Bauer OD1N protective body suit will help keep these players energized going into the third period of even the most intense games – such as those played during the Olympics.

The Bauer OD1N Protective Body Suit is comprised of a two-piece base layer system with ultra lightweight exposed protective pieces, creating a level of mobility, protection and weight reduction never seen in hockey. Measurable On-Ice Performance Benefit: In a 50-foot sprint (blue line to blue line), a player wearing the BAUER OD1N Protective Suit will cross the finish line nearly a foot faster compared to traditional protective equipment. Other features include:

  • Reduction of more than four (4) pounds of overall weight – more than one-third the weight carried by players wearing traditional protective equipment.
  • Each protective suit is created using an optical body scan of each athlete for fully customized fit and protection.
  • Two-piece base layer system integrated with internal padding traditionally found on the inside of protective equipment (shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards).
  • Protective pieces developed from proprietary blend of composite material and high-end foams to dramatically reduce weight while increasing mobility and protection.
  • Unlike traditional materials used in today’s protective equipment, the high-end foams and composites can be machine customized to each individual player.

Check out the Bauer OD1N protective body suit below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Bauer OD1N Protective Body Suit


  1. this seems like bauer is going into the wrong direction, putting even harder shells than regular plastic that’s been used in the past on players, concussions and injuries are going to increase with this material

  2. It’s about time hockey equipment join the rest of the sporting world and use ultra light protective equipment instead of that heavy plastic crap we’ve all been using!!
    With the technologies that exist today there is no reason that hockey equipment can’t b state of the art. Problem is hockey companies and people who play and coach the sport are dinosaurs and very conservative!!
    Way to go Bauer! It’s about F-ing time!

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