CCM Outprotect Face Masks Available to Order

If you’re looking for a new face mask to help get you through the Covid-19 pandemic, the folks at CCM have you covered with their new CCM Outprotect Face Mask.

The CCM face masks are built with a double layer of material in order to help protect your mouth and nose. They are one size fits all masks, with stretchable ear loops used to help keep the mask snug on your face. CCM’s face masks are washable as well, allowing for repeated use.

CCM’s Outprotect Face Masks come in three different patterns. The first is a CCM maple leaf logo with cross hockey sticks, the next is a camo design with CCM logo, and the final is a different style showing a hockey players mouth with missing teeth to give you a fun look.

The CCM face masks will be in stock on July 8th but are available for purchase now. Each mask is $9.99, however, CCM will donate $1.00 (CAD) to a hockey charity with each purchase.

Click here to check out the CCM Outprotect Face Masks!

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