Easton EQ5 Ice Hockey Skate

I love new product releases, in case you didn’t already know. I wish I could have a job as a product tester for a hockey company, that would make my life.

Anyway, Easton Hockey has been working on some great new products which we’ll be sharing over the next few days. First and foremost, the new Easton EQ5 ice hockey skate. There are already a number of NHL stars who have been seen in this skate, including Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings.

Easton EQ5 Ice Hockey Skate

We don’t have any info on tech specs for the skate quite yet, unfortunately. Be on the lookout for a retail release as we get closer to the Winter Olympics.


  1. the synergy eq5 gloves are sweet, the tounge on the skates looks a little weird, but the s19 z-shock helmet is cool too. The helmet is supposed to be introduced at the Olympics in Vancouver

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