Easton EQ50 Ice Hockey Skates

Update 3/15/11: The brand new Easton EQ50 skates are available for pre-order now! They will only run $529.99, and will begin shipping on April 15th. Head over to Ice Warehouse to pre-order a pair.

Almost a year ago, we posted a preview of a new Easton skate called the EQ5, which despite being worn by NHL players such as Henrik Zetterberg, never made it to retail production. Well here we are a year later, and we’ve got a sneak peak at the new Easton EQ50 ice hockey skate.

Easton went back to the drawing board for this top end skate, and corrected some flaws from the EQ5. They also gave the skate a new look, going away from the gray and using a more traditional black boot, with an EQ50 graphic near the rear portion of the boot.

Easton EQ50 Ice Hockey Skates
The new Easton EQ50 Skates

The Easton EQ50 is a great looking skate. Hopefully we’ll see this guy hit retail store shelves sometime in the spring of 2011. Easton fans should definitely be excited for this release.

Check out the video below for a look at the Easton EQ50 skate, as well as more of Easton’s 2011 gear.

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