Easton EQ50 Hockey Stick

The new stick on the hockey gear market that can revolutionize the game this year is the new Easton EQ50 stick. This is the stick that is replacing the Easton SE16 stick, and it builds off the successful features of the SE16 such as the overall feel and balance of the stick. What makes this stick different than others that came before it is the visible Focus Weight Technology. This redistributes the weight to the impact area of the stick to control hard passes and keep the puck on your blade. The weights are embedded in the stick beginning at the heel and moving up to the top of the blade in a L shape. In keeping with the movable weight technology in the stick, there are removable weights in the butt end of the stick to counter-balance the weight at the blade. Inside the butt end, there are four slots that holds each of the five weights, and you can add and subtract the weights as necessary. The exact amount of weight necessary varies depending on if you cut your stick and how much you cut off.  There is a guide on the shaft itself instructing you how much weight is recommended. The EQ50 stick is available in a “grip” and “non-grip” varieties.

NHL Players that use this stick include Shawn Horcoff, Zach Parise and Henrik Zetterberg according to the EQ50 product page on Easton’s website.

Easton's EQ50 stick will revolutionize how sticks are made with removable weight technology.
Easton's EQ50 stick will revolutionize how sticks are made with removable weight technology.

It also has a Kevlar wrap around the shaft to dampen the vibration caused by hard shots and for increased durability. The bottom of the shaft also has a tapered end for a low kick-point. From a technology standpoint, this is one of the most customizable sticks on the hockey market today. It is available in sizes for players of all ages, from a 47″ Youth size, to a 51″ Junior size, 55″ Intermediate size, and a 61″ Senior size.

There are several patterns available from your favorite Easton players, including Jarome Iginla, Taylor Hall, Zdeno Chara, Ryan Getzlaf, and many more. The “non-grip” stick in the senior size retails for $280, while the “grip” version retails for $290. But you can save if you visit Hockey World Blog’s friends at IceWarehouse where you can save $80 and receive free 2-day shipping.


  1. by “several patterns”, what do you mean? is there different colours or something? i know there is black and red but what are you sating?

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