Eschelon Apocalypse Inline Wheel

Just like I reported recently about the Easton EQ50 stick that could revolutionize how sticks are made, here is another innovation in the hockey world that can change how equipment is made.

Made by Eschelon Sports (the same guys behind inline hockey brands such as Hyper and Kryptonics), their Apocalypse wheel features a Quad-Pour Technology which is designed to provide both maximum speed and grip. It works by a split-pour preform on the inside of the wheel. If you look at the picture, the yellow layer on the outside and top of the wheel is a firmer indoor race compound. The second split form is the softer white compund on the inside. That works with a third stabalizing outer pour that is formulated with a Quick Sauce layer on the outside to deliver unmatched performance.

The Grip Plate, a fourth and final pour in pink is a revolutionary process that sets it apart from other wheels because the outside edge of the wheel is poured differently to give the skater a better combination of both speed and grip. When rolling straight the harder compound will increase the speed of the wheel while the white soft urethane does it’s work to provide increased grip when turning and leaning. My only concern with this wheel is what will happen for an inline skater like myself who rotates their wheels on a frequent basis? Since the one grip is designed to grip when turning works on the inner-half of that wheel, would it work the same if I rotated them?

In addition to the bright pink and yellow colors, it features great graphics and lightning bolts on each side of the wheel surrounding the name of the brand and model. The hardness it comes in is called the Vicious Grip, which is more similiar to 76A. It’s available in three sizes (72mm, 76mm, and 80mm) and is designed for the standard 608 size bearing.

The Eschelon Apocalypse is available at Inline Wearhouse for $9.49 each.





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