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Verbero Sports Aero Puck

Update: The Verbero Sports Aero puck is now available from Inline Warehouse. The Verbero Aero puck will cost $6.49, or $5.99 if you buy 5 or more.

There’s a new company creating some buzz in the roller hockey industry recently. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re called Verbero Sports, and they recently released a brand new roller hockey puck. Verbero Sports were kind enough to send us a demo Aero puck to test out, and we’ll be reviewing that shortly. Our initial impressions with it were very good, as it seemed to have a great size and weight, and actually slid a bit faster and better than our IDS puck. In addition to the Aero puck for indoor surfaces, Verbero Sports will also be releasing an all surface puck. There are many challenges to face when designing an all surface puck, so we’re pretty excited to see what the final result will look like and how it will perform.

Besides pucks, the team at Verbero are also creating a roller hockey chassis. On May 28, they will be unveiling a prototype of their Leggera chassis. However, they will be working with multiple prototypes, all addressing issues of weight and durability. These are two of my biggest concerns with an inline chassis, so I will definitely be keeping an eye on developments.

Finally, the company will also be developing their own wheel technology and releasing those to the public as well. Unfortunately, wheel development is in the early phases, so it might take some time before we see anything further on that front.

Verbero Sports has a lot of exciting products in store for us, and beginning this summer you start picking them up. The Aero puck will be the first to hit retailers, and you should be able to find it both online and in pro shops soon. In the meantime, continue to check back with us as we will be posting our full review of the Aero puck soon!


  1. Actually they feel extremely well. The guys here have had an opportunity to mess around with it on tile and they slide much better than the IDS. Also, we recently played and the IDS was jumping everywhere while the Vebero settled down real well.

    We might try and see if in one of our games the refs let us use it as it would be a much more apples to apples comparison going through a game.

    Overall though, in my opinion, if you had a choice between which puck to purchase between Verbero and IDS, I would purchase the Verbero.

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