CCM V08 Ice to Inline Conversion

CCM V08 Ice to Inline Conversion
CCM V08 Ice to Inline Conversion

For the longest time, I have wanted to do an ice to inline conversion. While I have spent more of my hockey playing days on an inline rink, I’ve never had a pair of skates that were up to par. However, for playing ice hockey, I’ve always made an effort to get the best pair of skates for my foot, regardless of brand. A few weeks ago I continued this process, and picked up a brand new pair of CCM U+ 10 skates. After making the change, this left me with a good pair of CCM V08 skates which were still perfectly usable.

For inline skates, I had been skating on a pair of Tour Cobalt 8.8’s. Prior to that, I had an old pair of missions that always did the trick. I liked the Hum’er frame on the Tour skates, and liked the boots along with it, but began noticing a breakdown in the boot after about 18 months of usage. I continued to push on with the broken down skates, despite my knowing that they weren’t good anymore. The boot finally got to the point where I could pinch each side together over the tongue using just my thumb and index finger, with only a simple squeeze.

I desperately needed something new, and could no longer take my Cobalt’s anymore. But rather than buying a new pair of inline skates now, especially with the new lines coming out in the fall (Bauer APXR and Mission T10), I wanted to make due with a temporary solution.

From here, my CCM V08 skates came back into play. Despite being used for a year or so, they maintained relatively good stiffness. So, I packed up my old Tour skates, and my CCM’s and took them to my local hockey store for a conversion. For only $40, I figured I could not go wrong. Less than 24 hours later, my new old skates were complete and looked great. But not only that, since the CCM boot was so light, I shaved a ton of weight off from my previous setup. These converted skates are actually the lightest pair of inline skates I have ever had.

Tonight will be my first skate on the new setup, and I’m pretty pumped to try them out. While it certainly is not my dream skate (a pair of One95’s or Total One’s with the Hum’er chassis), it will do for now. The old skates were so broken down that I was much slower, got exhausted much more quickly, and had a pretty good pain in both ankles following every skate. We’ll see how these converted skates work out for me, and I’ll be sure to follow-up with a review. In the meantime, let me know what you think of my ice to inline conversion.


  1. So far, so good on the Sprungs. But, these are my first pair of inlines, having only skated on the ice before doing the conversion.

    How do you like your CCM U+ 10’s? 🙂

    • Good to hear.

      The U+ 10’s are great! I was debating between the 12’s and 10’s, but went with the 10’s to save some extra money. I’ll be posting a review of them within the next month or so, but so far so good!

      How are the 12’s working out for you?

  2. Looks great, I had this done a few years back to a pair of Bauer skates I had laying around. It worked great, can’t say I did it myself I took mine to the local ice rink and had them use the rivet machine. Good work!

  3. where did u get this done at bc i was looking to do this with my easton s17 with a labeda hummer chassis. But i have no idea where to get this done at or how to do it..

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