Battleaxe Hockey Opens Online Store

Battleaxe Hockey, an equipment company who strives to produce high quality gear at an affordable price, has officially opened their online store. As of today, you can now go to to purchase products like the Battleaxe BX10 and Battleaxe BX7 which we had the opportunity to review for you. Along with sticks, you’re going to find a great selection of gloves, bags, apparel and other accessories. Check out the full press release below for more information.

BattleAxe Hockey Brings Affordability Back to a Classic Sport

OSWEGO, NY (June 3, 20011) – BattleAxe Hockey is committed to making ice hockey affordable again without sacrificing quality, performance or durability. Too many people are discouraged from playing the sport due to the high cost of the equipment needed to play.  By engineering their own equipment, not paying high endorsement fees, and minimizing marketing expenses, Battleaxe is able to offer high quality gear at prices that are generally about 40-50% below those of comparable offerings in the marketplace.

In order to ensure their gear is easily available to all consumers, BattleAxe Hockey has announced the opening of a web store at  By advancing into e-commerce, BattleAxe is able to embrace a business model that delivers high quality products to the largest number of consumers. This approach adds further momentum to Battleaxe’s goal of returning the sport to those who have the enthusiasm to play the game, but lack the resources to pay for high priced equipment.

“At BattleAxe Hockey, we are working hard every day to make our sport affordable again without sacrificing quality or durability,” said President Lance Perschau. “Opening the web store makes our gear accessible to hockey players worldwide.”

Continuing a relationship with pro shops remains an important component in the market strategy of BattleAxe Hockey. Where available, these dealers can, on a one-on-one basis, provide important counsel and advice to present and future players. The company will continue to develop partnerships with selected dealers who share its philosophy and support its goals.

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