Alkali Hockey

Alkali Hockey is an up-and-coming roller hockey company founded by former Mission employees Joe Cook and Justin Hoffman. While they company is still in its infancy, the boys at Alkali are making big strides already. In fact, they won’t be taking things slowly when it comes to product releases. Alkali Hockey will be releasing a full line-up of roller hockey gear, including skates, sticks, pants, bags, and more.

While much still remains to be seen about the Alkali Hockey gear, we do know that their skates will use Labeda wheels, and the boot will sit on an all 80mm chassis. You can also check out the video below for a great look close-up look at their sticks which look pretty sick.


  1. This is exactly the Wicked line of skates. Except with the 80 mm wheels. In my years I have seen that people didn’t really like the Wicked skates, they were too stiff. Mission then went back to how they were originally making skates. I don’t know about this.

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