Alkali CA9 Roller Hockey Skates

A few weeks ago, we mentioned a new up-and-coming roller hockey company called Alkali Hockey. We knew at that time that they were getting close to unveiling some of their gear for their first line, and for Narch and State Wars, they set up a nice booth featuring all of their products. The first we wanted to take a look at was their top of the line Alkali CA9 roller hockey skate. While we don’t have all the tech specs on the skates for you, we can give you a few highlights from the CA9 skates.

Right away, you’ll notice the black and yellow color scheme, which we love. It looks great on the skate, and they handled design in a very traditional way with the mostly black boot, which also looks very appealing. The boot is said to fit like a combination between Graf and Bauer. The heel will be narrow while the forefoot will be a bit wider. They were built on a completely new last, will have a new toe box, and can be put in the oven for 10 minutes to achieve a true heat molded fit.

As far as components, we can tell from the pictures below that the Alkali CA9 roller hockey skates will feature a magnesium chassis and a straight 80mm wheel set up. The Labeda Addiction wheels will be standard on the CA9 skates, which will be great for high level players who want the best combination of grip and speed.

The Alkali CA9 roller hockey skates will drop this fall. Take a look at the skates below and let us know your thoughts. Will you get behind Alkali Hockey and grab a pair of their CA9 skates?

Alkali CA9 Inline Hockey Skates
Alkali CA9 Inline Hockey Skates
Alkali CA9 Roller Hockey Skates
Alkali CA9 Roller Hockey Skates


  1. Alkali is coming from Joe Cook & Justin Hoffman, ex-Mission guys, so thats HUGE news and guys who know their stuff.

    The boot does sort of remind me of the Mission Wicked 1 line, tongue, tendon guard, lace alignment look very similar.

    Just by the names alone I will have to give Alkali a try, add in the addictions and an all 80 set up, doesn;t sound like i will be disappointed.

  2. Picked up the CA7’s. Most comfortable boot out of the box that I’ve ever tried on. Extremely heat moldable also so this provides for excellent fit. I love their toe box and fits all my toes very comfortably.

    Still testing the 80mm setup, but the Labeda Dynasty XSoft wheels they put on are really great wheels for sport court. Great skate overall.

    • What skates did you wear before? Just to get an idea of what type of foot shape you have. I’m still debating between Mission and Alkali. I’d like to give something new a try but don’t want to be disappointed like I was when I tried Tour.

      • My last two skates were Reebok 9K’s from a few years ago and Vapor XXXX. Both top of the line ice skates at the time and converted to roller. The Reebok’s fit me much better than the Vapors.

        • The 80mm setup did take a little bit to get used to. It sorta made the skate feel heavier at first, but I think that might just be the longer wheel base. I was coming from a Vanguard setup, so the adjustment might not be as bad as for someone coming from a traditional Hi-Lo setup. After those first few minutes though, I felt noticeably quicker while accelerating from a dead stop and much better stopping distance. I feel like I’m pulling away from other skaters in a straight-line, but I’m not 100% sure. It could be that they’re just slow.

  3. In English via Babelfish translator –

    I like much the aesthetic one of the skate lamentably seem to be comfortable to obtain them I must pay a 80 percent but of its real value so that they arrive country and sincerely not if she is worth the pain to invest as much money in a product that I do not know but I go to risk but aya that my colleagues say to me no

    Original –

    me gusto mucho la estética del patín parecen ser confortables lamentablemente para obtenerlos debo pagar un 80 por ciento mas de su valor real para que lleguen a mi país y sinceramente no se si vale la pena invertir tanto dinero en un producto que no conozco pero me voy arriesgar mas aya que mis colegas me digan no

  4. I have skated on Tour Beemer, Cobalt Q, Mission Proto VSI, 10000, Wicked Ones, Boss Black, and T-9’s. I thought nothing compared to the Mission skates UNTIL I put on my new Alkali CA-9’s. This first offering from Cook and Hoffman are out of this world. They are the most comfortable, lightest, durable and ….. This skate was great out of the box, but after an 10 min bake and fit, they vaulted to incredible. But, how would they perform under my 285 lb frame? Impecible is the answer. With dozens of games and a couple tourneys on them, they are still as comfotable and still as supportive as the day I fit them. The 4 x 80mm wheel set up is fast yet with the forward pitch of the boot, I find them just as easy to turn as a hi-lo from mission! No need to surrender your speed for more mobility anymore. The stiff surlin quarters make stopping a breeze. The only thing I would improve is the tongue. A little beefier tongue and a better anti lace bite protector is all I can suggest for improvements at this time!!!

    Look forward to the next round of offerings from these roller hockey Geniuses!!

    Oh…the CA-9 and CA-7 pants are 2 of the best pants I have every used. Very light, extremely breathable and great looking. I was impressed enough to outfit our rep teams in them!!!

    Cheers from the Express in CANADA!!!!

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