NHL team bottle coolers

There may be no better way to sit back and relax on a hot summer day while you await the beginning of training camp (only six weeks to go!) than with a cold beer in your hand. However, with August in full swing and the potential for 90 degree weather, or over 100 in some areas like Phoenix where it’s projected to swelter to 100+ degrees every day this week, keeping your beer cold could be an issue. Thankfully, the NHL is incredibly in touch with the needs of their fan base.

Their solution? NHL team bottle cooler jackets.

These zip up beer bottle jackets feature diving-weight neoprene construction that helps keep your beer cooler for longer. Basically it’s a wetsuit for your beer. The zip up construction creates a snug fit on domestic and imported 12 oz. bottles and also allows for easy access when you’re putting in a new bottle or taking out an old one.

Most of the designs are actually pretty intricate and really awesome looking, making them fancy additions to any fan’s collection. Unfortunately, both the Boston Bruins and the Winnipeg Jets are both absent from the collection.

The bottle jackets retail for $32.99, which seems kind of steep initially, but they come in packs of three to help you get more bang for your buck. At this time, there doesn’t appear to be any option to mix and match or buy bottle jackets individually, options that will hopefully appear soon because there are several very cool looking designs that would be awesome to own. Division or Conference packages would also be welcome additions to the collection.

Head over to the shop at NHL.com to check out your favorite team’s designs.

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