Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Ice Hockey Skates

Update: The new Bauer Supreme Total One NXG skates have been released. If you’re picking up a pair, head over to Pure Hockey to snag them for $799.99. Use the coupon code HOCKEYWORLD while you’re there to save 10% on select products.

In April, 2012, Bauer will release their newest skate, the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG ice hockey skate. We brought you a sneak peek at a prototype version of the 2012 Bauer Supreme skates back in July, but now we’re looking at the final design of the skate.

You can see in the picture below (courtesy of HWB fan Tyrone, thanks bud!) that a few concepts from the prototype made their way into the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG skates, and the Total One NXG will definitely be a step up from the original Total One skates, which were released in Spring, 2010.

Heading into the features of the Total One NXG, you’ll find a 3D anaformable Curv composite quarter package which will definitely be rigid and strong enough for all high level players. Moving along the front you’ll find Bauer’s customizable 3 flex tongue. The Curv composite inserts allow you to customize the flex of your tongue adding a “spring back” type response after each stride and flex of the tongue. The 3 flex options for the tongue will be mid, stiff, and extra stiff. The tongue inserts are replaceable, depending on how much resistance you want on your tongue flex, and can be switched out quite easily.

On the back of the boot, Bauer has loaded its Total One NXG with a patented flexible tendon guard. “The tendon guard on the Total One NXG allows Bauer to reduce the overall skate weight by even more than before. This patented technology provides the player with an increase of 5 degrees more range of motion adding to the overall skating efficiency through increased stride length” according to Bauer Hockey.

Moving inside the boot, you will see a hydrophobic grip light-liner which has great moisture wicking properties. Alongside the ankle, the interior of the boot will feature lightweight anaform fit-foam ankle pads. These are the same found in most high end Bauer skates, and the result is a ton of comfort for your foot and ankle pads which help keep the foot in place. The footbed featured on the Total One NXG skate will be Bauer’s form-fit+ footbed with stabalizer grip. The boot will be thermoformable of course, allowing for a fit more customized to your foot shape.

Beneath the boot, Bauer has loaded the Total One NXG with the Tuuk Lightspeed 2 holder and LS fusion runner. This is one of the most popular holder and runner combinations on the market today, and will suit the needs of elite hockey players everywhere.

The new Bauer Supreme Total One NXG skates will be available in April 2012 from local and online retailers.

What are your thoughts on the new Bauer Supreme Total One NXG skates? Will you be willing to shell out some coin  to pick up a pair when they are released?

Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Skates
Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Skates


  1. seriously?? all that gold??? I would never buy a gold car, truck, or even why would I want it on my skates??? That was the whole reason I didn’t by the the 2010 Total One’ there’s more gold??

  2. Why do companies do this to their top of the line equipment? They butcher a perfectly good skate with the robotic-slash-futuristic look. And there’s just too much gold. I am definitely holding onto my last years version.

  3. I like the looks (but i’m old) but my totalones (1st gen) took a while to break in so i’m keeping them for at least a couple of years!

  4. I am currently skating in a pair of Vapor X30 from 2009, and I am looking to upgrade now. I have been looking at Supreme one 80 for some time already. With the new Supreme coming out in April, I think the outdating models will be sale pretty soon.

  5. Agreed that the price point of the current Supremes should be coming down, probably closer to the new release. I’ll be posting a review of the Bauer Supreme ONE70’s this weekend and it may provide some insight into a future purchase, however skating on Bauers already, I’m certain your mind is made up. If you shop online at you can use coupon code ‘HOCKEYWORLD’ for 10% off. Free shipping is nice too.

  6. how much do you think the older models will drop in price?

    i’m desparate for new skates but if it will save more than $50 I might wait until march to pick up some 5.0s.

  7. Snipe, I do not believe they will come out in Junior sizes. This is as the APX and current TotalONE did not come out in Junior sizes. One level below each of the models was the highest for Junior sizes though. Hope that helps.

  8. These will come out in junior sizes. There has been a lot of complaint from women players who want these top end skates but don’t have feet large enough to fit in the top ends. The APX will probably not come out with a junior size. the 7.0 and 7.0 LE will be the highest. I work at a shop that is the nations #1 bauer dealer so we hear about all the stuff before everybody else

    • According to the Bauer catalog, the Total One NXG will come in senior sizes 6-12. This will include full and half sizes, as well as C (size 6-10), D, and EE widths. Junior and youth sizes will be available beginning with the One.9 skate.

  9. I bought a pair of Total One’s and during the first skate I took a slap shot in the heal, which caused the boot to get a starfish crack in the outer membrane.

    I tried to return them to Bauer, but apparently they don’t have my size (8EE) anymore so I have to wait for the new skates to get my replacement as the store I bought them from wont give me a refund.

    My One90’s had the tennon guard rip off the boot 13months after owning them, and again nothing that Bauer will do to help me out.

    I love the skate, but $900.00 (roughly CDN) for now customer service…..I’m starting to rethink my future purchases.

    The rest of my Bauer kit is great though……Total One everything, but my helmet is the 8500 as the fit of the 9900 was not right for me.

  10. Sorry for the spelling errors in above, but I’m just getting the feel for this iPad and auto correct.

    Heel an no is what I had meant to type. Lol

  11. Yes apparently I won’t get them until the new ones hit the street……errrrr, ice!!

    My feet are dying to get rid of the old ones. LOL

  12. they will come out the first week in april. my work already has the new catalog. they will come in junior sizes if you place a custom order with bauer. these will be the same as the total ones that are out currently accept with a few minor cosmetic updates.

  13. I think the price of the 2011 total one will come down a considerable amount due to the fact that everyone will want the new nxg totalone. I like the old style better than theses new ones. Thinking I will be snapping up a pair of the original total ones and save probably several hundred dollars.

  14. I agree. The price for the 2011 total one has to come down with the new skate being released some time time in April. Thinking I will wait for that and snap up a pair of last years model for hopefully couple hundred dollars less

  15. Nothing like having to take a 2nd out on your home to buy the top of the line skate. $899.99 retail is just outrageous, and honestly there isn’t more then $125 worth of material so I guess $700 dollars must be in the box design, patents/intellectual property. Guess you gotta pay to play. Take Kidney’s?

  16. Winter hockey’s almost over and then summer hockey starts……..where are my new NXG’s?

    This isn’t meant for anybody in particular. Just anxious to get my feet into a pair. 🙂

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