Bauer Nexus 1000 Ice Hockey Skates

Earlier in the week, we told you about a new line of hockey gear being released by Bauer Hockey, the Bauer Nexus product line. Today, we have our first glimpse of the new gear, as the Bauer Nexus 1000 ice hockey skates were leaked out. As expected, the Bauer Nexus 1000 skates have a much more traditional look, with details a bit reminiscent of the old Bauer Supreme 8090 skates.

Of course, the Nexus 1000 skates will have all the top end features that you would expect from a pro line of gear. Inside the boot, you’ll notice a hydrophobic retro looking tan clarino liner. This liner will help wick moisture and keep your skates dry, all the while looking pretty vintage. The ultra thick pro felt tongue should make a lot of players happy, and the molded metatarsal guard will still provide great lace bite protection.

On the outside of the boot, you’re going to have an ultra light quarter package which Bauer says “provides the player with an ‘easy load’ on every stride for efficient energy transfer and fast acceleration.” Going beneath the boot, the Bauer Nexus 1000 will feature the Tuuk Lightspeed 2 holder, along with a Tuuk LS Fusion blade, both of which are considered by many to be the best on the market.

As far as fit goes on the Nexus 1000, you can expect a wider boot than the Supreme line, and it looks like its going to provide a bit more depth as well. Great news for fans who love Bauer products, but have feet that don’t quite fit the other two lines. Bauer is describing their fit as a “deep V” heel fit which “locks the player’s heel in place to ensure the skate reacts to the player’s every movement the way they intend.”

The Bauer Nexus 1000 skates will hit retail store shelves in October, 2012. Until then, check out the picture below of the Nexus 1000 and let us know what you think!

Bauer Nexus 1000 Ice Hockey Skates
Bauer Nexus 1000 Ice Hockey Skates


  1. I personally love the traditional look, nice and clean. Not everyone wants a skate that look like their kid did a finger paint project on them, especially refs. These also seem to fashion themselves after the Flexlite series, not only with the traditional look, but in the description of their fit. I hope they’re not the stiff bricks most new skates seem to be these days. Some of us like a soft flexible boot, that we can actually move in!!! Love the Flexlite’s Bauer…keep up the good work!

  2. Love the look of these! Hope they will be as flexible as the flexlites!! I personally don’t like skating in a ski boot myself. Good job bauer! the 1000’s look sweet!

  3. I think they look fine, And being honest, if youre real hockey player you shouldnt be worrying about how you look on the ice, But the performance of the skates.

    (good shout on the Flex thoe, Bauer needs to sort that out)

  4. I don’t think they look very good, but I care more about the feel. I have a very wide foot because of surgery and I’m glad Bauer finally makes a wide skate.

  5. hockey world blog guy your all wrong the bauer guy at the ottawa fun fair said the skates,stick,shoulders,shins, and elbows come out in june

    • The rest of the product line comes out in June. The Nexus 1000 skates, however, come out in October – according to the Bauer catalog. That’s what I’m going to trust.

  6. A hockey skate that actually looks like a hockey skate…. Bauer you’ve really gone out on a limb with this one.

    I think they look great! Throw a black TUUK on it and its 1993 all over again… not a bad thing.

  7. Finally, I will be able to replace my warn out 8090s. Every new skate I tried was hurting my foot in one spot or the other. I am hoping that the fitment of these skates will be similar to my 8090s. Disregard all comments about the looks. It is more important to find what fits you best.

    I hope they also addressed the issue of breaking blades in the older blade holder versions that came with 8090s. I had to replace my blades in 8090s three times already, until I got thicker blades put in.

    Overall, I hope they are light, fit well and have strong blades.

  8. Personally I dont like the fusion blade. Sure it makes it lighter but it sacrifices structural support of the blade itself making if more prone to breaking and bending. The first thing I did when I got my total ones was switch the blades to LS2.

  9. I personally think the skate looks unfinished. Materials look cheap. The old supremes were traditional looking but the design was much better. This just looks like a $60 dollar skate…..

  10. Excellent work Kohlberg! It’s about time that bauer started to get back to there traditional roots…the fat tongue, those stitched sides…i wear 6000’s, swear by em, always have and will. Tried a pair of vap’s they felt and performed aweful. Seems that it has come full circle, the need for quality has trumped the need for style… I think the skates look great dont change a thing!!

  11. Ok these skates change everything if this deep heal skate came in a composite version ….they would be untouchable……I like theses better than new total one thoses look like a 1970 trans am can.t wait to get a pair

  12. Ok these skates change everything if this deep heal skate came in a composite version ….they would be untouchable……I like theses better than new total one thoses look like a 1970 trans am can.t wait to get a pair

  13. Are all of you guys so bent on appearance? I would think that the most important issue that you should be thinking about is whether or not Bauer has come up with an upscale, responsive skate that can be fitted to the player that is hard to fit and provide comfort, durability and withstand extensive use unlike the Bauer 20 skate of 2004, that fell apart within one season of use. From all accounts that I have heard, Bauer has delived this skate to provide a new generation of responsivness that is long overdue. Give the Nexus 1000 a chance and let’s see if it performes and lives up to it’s anticipated and published hype. I sure hope it does. To me, Bauer is still the skate of choice with all levels of hockey players. I feel confident that the Bauer engineers would have too much to lose by an inferior product espeially when RBK have also developed what they think is a skate to compete with the Nexus 1000.

    • in switzerland you going to pay more than 700 dollars. but in switzerland is everything more expensive then in america.

  14. Everybody who says these are ugly and wont protect, you can all just shut up and leave, these skates look absolutely amazing and they will be the most protective skates on the market when they come out

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