Easton Stealth RS Skate

We finally have confirmation of the new Easton Stealth RS skate with the picture below. Coming from the latest Easton Hockey catalog, the picture showcases Easton athlete Zach Parise’s reaction to the Stealth RS skate. The black and yellow coloring on the Stealth RS skate match the rest of the Stealth RS line (stick, pants and protective), and looks similar to a picture we posted of what was said to be the Stealth 85S skates. However, the Stealth 85S we posted are beginning to look more like a prototype (you can see the tongue on the skate contains the old Easton logo, rather than the new).

While the Easton Stealth RS skates will not be ready for a launch with the rest of the protective gear, you can bet they’re going to be a pretty slick skate. Easton has been making strides with their gear as of late, and the release of a Stealth RS skate should help them even more. We will keep you updated with release date information as we find out more, but for now, check out the images below and let us know what you think of the Stealth RS skates.

Update: Rumor has it that the new Easton Stealth RS skates will, in fact, be released in 2012. The release date had been debated ever since it was announced that Easton acquired MLX skates, and people began to wonder if Easton would push the Stealth RS skates back in order to include some of the MLX technology. We’re now hearing that the Easton Stealth RS skate release date is in June, 2012. We will have more information in the next month or so, along with a link to pre-order the Stealth RS skates, so keep checking back.

Update May 4, 2012: We’ve added a new shot of the Easton Stealth RS skates below, and we now have some new information about the materials and technology used in the skates. First off, the skates were created to be lighter than previous Easton models, and add more responsiveness through the quarter package. Easton has also made the Stealth RS skates with a slightly lower profile to help maximize forward flex and mobility.

Pre-orders for the new Stealth RS skates will begin in a few short days over at Pure Hockey, so check them out if you’re interested in grabbing a pair of these.

Here are some additional features straight from Easton’s product sheet which pair up with the labels in the picture of the Easton Stealth RS skates below:

  1. Quarter – Fused composite (EPP foam/TPU/TPE) side panels provide the best combination of heat moldability and responsiveness
  2. Tongue – Pre-formed felt/foam combination with an injected lace bite protector
  3. Tendon Guard – Injected overlay creates an enhanced combination of responsiveness and protection
  4. Comfort Edge – Creates a soft top line during cornering
  5. Outsole – Constructed of Texalium and features the Dry Flow moisture drainage system
  6. Heel Guard – Injected unit protects high wear zone
  7. Footbed – Features Giro’s SuperNatural Fit System with an adjustable arch zone for a micro fit
  8.  Blade – Razor Bladz Elite blade system with stainless steel
Easton Stealth RS Ice Hockey Skates
Easton Stealth RS Ice Hockey Skates
Easton Stealth RS Skate
Easton Stealth RS Skate

Easton Stealth RS Ice Hockey Skates





11 responses to “Easton Stealth RS Skate”

  1. andrew Avatar

    can’t see them !!!!!
    hope they are good going to get them for my little bro or might get bauer total one nxg

  2. harrison Avatar

    would like to no when they are ganna come out. i broke my tendon gaurd broke on my total one skates and need new ones.

  3. spencer Avatar

    will mlx help make this

  4. tony Avatar

    harrison :
    would like to no when they are ganna come out. i broke my tendon gaurd broke on my total one skates and need new ones.


  5. Cam Richall Avatar
    Cam Richall

    When will these be released ?!?!

  6. harrison Avatar


  7. bob Avatar

    how much in junior size

  8. harrison Avatar

    how much will these cost

  9. Jack Avatar

    How much are they

  10. Cam Richall Avatar
    Cam Richall

    They aren’t the same ones that Zach Parise is holding !

  11. #7Center Avatar

    I wanna see them on some one and/or a 360 view. But the skate looks sharp and the price is $600 I think and is released 7/6 or 7/9 i want these !!!

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