Bauer Supreme ONE70 Ice Hockey Skate Review

Mid last year I upgraded my older than dirt ice skate to the Bauer Supreme ONE70 ice hockey skate. After playing many games in them, I’m happy to say it was a purchase well spent, never once looking back. Previously coming from a pair of CCM’s that fit like a glove, the Supreme ONE70’s have not only replaced such feeling, but have provided the stiffness of boot to perform.

Model: Bauer Supreme ONE70

Skill level: C/B league player

Modifications: None

Appearance and Design:

Bauer provides two models, the Vapor and Supreme line, both having different market points. The Supreme tends to run wider in the toe box while the Vapor is a bit narrower. Bauer also targets that the Supreme line is for more power strides while the Vapor tends to be for the more agile. Maybe a bit of a marketing ploy, still, both skates offer excellent performance. Summing it up, whichever fits your foot best is what you should go with, and for me, the little bit wider toe box Supreme line does the trick.

The Supreme ONE70’s have that patented black with yellow accents that is distinct of the Supreme lineup. Catchy to the eye, but still not as flashy as their Vapor counterpart. That is however the case until the new Bauer Supreme Total One NXG ice hockey skate comes out mid year, then the Supreme line might rival that of the Vapor.


As noted previously, when it comes to skates, in my mind, it is all about feel. With that, you need to try on every skate you are thinking of purchasing and make sure that it is the right fit for you.

The Bauer Supreme ONE70 ice hockey skate feels really good on my foot. It was tough, as my previous skate truthfully did feel like wearing a sock. I will not go as far to say that the ONE70 have obtained that feeling, but they do feel well.

Breathing room in the toes at the widest part of my foot yet snug in the heel. As long as you get the sizing right, the skate should fit your foot and offer the support you need.

I have however noticed that at times the tongue of the skate can rub your ankles the wrong way. Oddly enough, this happens on my right skate and not on my left.  This leaves me with the belief that it’s just a unique case and most likely has something to do with my foot. Easy fix though, all you have to do is shift the tongue a little bit until it stops rubbing the wrong way and you are fine.

One big thing to note is I have chosen not to bake my skates. Perhaps a little more of a traditionalist, I’ve always just broken the skates in normally. I think this is a bad thing however, and after playing on them for some time and still have some stiffness throughout the boot that I would like to fit a little better, I think I am going to bake them a couple times throughout the week. I hope this will also allow the skate to form to the top of my foot a little better as I currently run into my foot going numb if I tie them too tight down low. Odd, but I sometimes feel that my skate is too loose at times depending on how tight I tie the laces, yet at the same time they perform just fine and I have no issues of support. I notice the feel really only when I am at the start of the game and on the bench and it could merely be a routine I have gotten into.

Note: If you choose to bake them on your own, always make sure to be careful on the eyelets and not rip them out.


When looking for a new skate I narrowed my search to two models, the Bauer Supreme ONE70 and the Bauer Supreme ONE60. Both offered the same good fit, weight indistinguishable to my insensitive legs, but the exterior of the boot is what tipped my favor.

The ONE70 offers a more rugged boot in comparison, providing a more durable skate. A fellow friend that I skate with has the Supreme ONE60’s, and although he has had them for a longer period of time than I, considerable wear is showing in comparison to the ONE70. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

All else of consideration when it comes to durability, the stiffness of the boot itself has held up strong, just like the first day I skated with it. This has allowed me the ability to use the skate to its potential, able to push off with a solid response, also the ability to take corners knowing my skate is not going to give out. When pushing off on a stride, it almost feels like doing a sit-up with someone holding down your ankles instead of on your own. Simply put, the support is there for any stride and any cut, allowing for a smooth transfer of motion without losing any energy.

Overall Impressions:

If you have not noticed already through the review, I love my skates. I’m a Bauer fan for gear and their skates are my main reason for such a love. The Bauer Supreme ONE70 ice hockey skate offers a top-of-the-line type boot but without the cost. No durability issues as of yet and I do not expect any for a few years. I would highly recommend anyone looking for skates to check out the Supreme line, if not the Vapor line depending on your foot structure. The new Supremes come out near April. It is always nice to get the newest gear because of the technology, but those looking to save a few bucks on last year’s model may want to pick up the Bauer Supreme ONE70 when the pricing goes down.

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