Reebok 18k Ice Hockey Skates

This April, Reebok Hockey will be releasing their latest line of skates. Just below the premier level Reebok 20k skates will be the new Reebok 18k skates. Reebok will be sticking with a black and grey color scheme on their new line, and this holds true for the 18k skates as well. Let’s take a quick look at the specs so you can see what the Reebok 18k skates will be all about.

Starting in the quarter package, Reebok will be featuring the Max Armour V technology, along with grade A nylon composite embedded in specific areas to increase stability, and durability, all while keeping the skate light weight.

Moving inside the boot, Reebok has loaded the 18k skates with a dual zone liner – part clarino and part duratex grip. The clarino is used to enhance durability, while the duratex grip will improve heel lock and keep your foot in place. The tongue will be a pro felt and EPE foam hybrid. The molded shape of the tongue will help enhance comfort and prevent tongue twist, while the EPE foams will increase the level of protection found in the tongue.

The outsole of the Reebok 18k skates will be carbon composite to improve energy transfer and increase feel, and will be vented as well, helping to keep your feet dry all game long. Reebok’s 18k skates will come stock with the E-Pro holder, and Performance Lite 10″ stainless steel runner.

Reebok will continue to feature The Pump technology on their skates, helping to ensure a more complete custom fit around your ankle. You’ll also notice that they have continued use of their SkateLock system as well.

Check out the Reebok 18k skates below. What do you think, are you a fan of the new look?

Reebok 18k Ice Hockey Skates
Reebok 18k Ice Hockey Skates

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