Blue Ice SK-200 Senior Hockey Stick Review

Our friends at Blue Ice Hockey have once again allowed us to review another hockey stick. We previously reviewed the NANO Professional hockey stick, their top-of-the-line product. This time around we took a step down to review the SK-200 Senior for the everyday player.

Our testing focuses on shooting and accuracy, feel for the puck and durability. Our tester, an older chap in the range of 50’s who primarily plays defense. Coming from a traditional wood stick, passes are key and a good poke-check a necessity.

Specs: Blue Ice SK-200 Senior, 85 flex, P1 curve (similar to Lindros, Kane, Iginla & Datsyuk)

Price: A mere $85.00

Modifications: None

Design and Construction:
The shaft is similar to the new Easton Mako hockey stick; black up top fading to white mid-way down the stick. A simple black text “BLUE ICE” is just above the blade. Nothing fancy, just down to business.

The SK-200 Senior stick has, “an optimum light weight to give the player increased feel and hand speed. The shaft is designed with a slight oval curvature that cradles easily into the hands and features our “tacki-grip” that provides the player with all important control. Our blade patterns also provide the shot velocity that all hockey players want.” Breaking that down, the stick feels better in your hands because of the shape of the shaft, a light grip that offers the right amount of tack, and a blade that puts the puck where you want it.

Weight and Balance:
The SK-200 is a mid-level stick, providing the cost-conscious player with a solid product. Weighing 490 grams and comprised of 100% carbon fiber, the stick is comparable to the Reebok Ai7 (502g), Bauer Supreme ONE80 (507g), CCM U+10 (505g), and the Easton Stealth 65S (520g). The weight is evenly distributed throughout the stick; not too heavy up top nor on the bottom.

Puck Handling/Feel:
An immediate difference, moving from a traditional wood stick, was the weight.  The weight difference could be compared to going from steel to graphite golf clubs.  This weight difference made the feel great right from the get go.   Of importance for me was the ability to corral a pass and make a pass.  The stick is great for collecting crisp passes.   Puck handling also improved.  The P1 curve allows for great mobility from forehand to backhand.  As a defensive player, you often need to move the puck quickly.  The stick is great for knocking the puck down on the backhand and quickly moving to the forehand to make a pass.

Shooting and Accuracy:
Accuracy for me focuses around passing.  The new stick hasn’t failed me.  Maybe it’s the lighter weight, or the greater flex, but making good passes comes easy with this stick.  Flip passes, those that need to leave the ice to connect are a breeze with this new stick.  Really impressed with the feel and accuracy when using this stick.  My wrist shot is better, again I believe because of the flex.  I don’t take many slap shots, other than in warm-ups, and nothing was lost.  Another accuracy need for me is the ability to poke-check.  The lighter stick comes in handy here as well.

If the SK-200 Senior is anything like the NANO Professional, durability will not be an issue. Minor nicks in the blade have occurred, mainly from blocking shots, but nothing to negatively affect performance. A few battle scars never hurt anyone and it does not feel like the shaft will break anytime soon. The team at Blue Ice Hockey puts out a solid line of products.

Overall Impressions:
Blue Ice Hockey continues to produce quality products at near half the price of their “brand name” competitors. Only $85 dollars for the SK-200 Senior, you cannot go wrong with the bang for the buck. The price point allows a cost conscious player the benefits of a mid-grade performing stick. The wight is comparable to sticks at a higher cost, the feel is solid throughout the entire stick, and the performance allows a player to make accurate passes and shots. Blue Ice Hockey offers a Mom and Pop type shop with a big name product – definitely a great stick.

Have any questions concerning the stick or to place an order? Contact Ron Sherkin at

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