Bauer Supreme One.9 Limited Edition Skates

As we all prepare for the April 15th release of Bauer’s latest Supreme line of skates, Bauer may be preparing for a later launch of this sweet pair of Bauer Supreme One.9 limited edition skates. The white out version of these skates are extremely flashy, and look ridiculously good as well. The color scheme seems a bit more reminiscent of a pair of inline skates than ice skates though.

You can see that the quarter package as well as the inside of the tendon guard are marked with “Limited Edition.” However, there is still plenty of debate on whether or not these skates really exist. People have pointed out that since the copper rivet near the heel is not actually copper, this is a dead giveaway that the Bauer Supreme One.9 Limited Edition skate mock up is a fake. Despite these remarks, our sources have confirmed that the Supreme One.9 LE skates are legit and have an expected launch date in October, 2012.

The Bauer Supreme One.9 LE skates are expected to come with the same components as the standard One.9, but will feature the unique white color scheme. You can see in the picture that they are stocked with a Tuuk Lightspeed 2 holder and LS 2.1 steel. The quarter package will be Curv composite and they will carry a hydrophobic clarino liner and 52 oz. felt tongue with metatarsal guard. For more information on components, you can check out our post on the standard edition Bauer Supreme One.9 skates.

So what are your thoughts on the new Bauer Supreme One.9 Limited Edition skates? Are you going to wait for fall to pick up a pair of these? I can tell you that’s what I plan on doing. Drop us a line in the comments below and let us know what you think!

Bauer Supreme One.9 Limited Edition Skates
Bauer Supreme One.9 Limited Edition Skates


23 responses to “Bauer Supreme One.9 Limited Edition Skates”

  1. Sauce Monster Avatar
    Sauce Monster

    absolutely filthy
    theres no doubt ill be picking up a pair of these beauties

    1. Stride envy21 Avatar
      Stride envy21

      they need to release them earlier..

  2. Hockeybro92 Avatar

    I have had the one100 le’s for a year now, i liked the blacked out look for awhile… but definatly look forward to buying these

  3. adam Avatar

    i just hope they are real, because i would love to get my hands on these

  4. Zach Avatar

    look like the se16 whites

  5. Nick Avatar

    what’s with the white toe cap? if it was black i would definitely get a pair

  6. Chris Avatar

    too much white in my opinion

  7. blake Avatar

    sorry do not mean to be a hater but these are WAY WAY to girly.

  8. Charles Avatar

    They look really ugly

  9. Snipe wheel party Avatar
    Snipe wheel party

    Those are so sick I’m gonna get a pair when are they out?

  10. 94 celly hard Avatar

    I love these flashy ridiculously beast pair of skates. Fist day it comes out their mine. They look way better then the black out ones

  11. Isaiah Avatar

    Will they be made in junior sizes?

  12. Jasper Avatar

    Def. A crashed ice skate…aawsm!

  13. steven Avatar

    im sooooooooooooo getting this can wait

  14. Juan Avatar

    Any update on when and if they are coming out? I’m holding off buying new skates for these!!!

  15. NittanyPucker Avatar

    I heard they will be released Oct. 15.

  16. BLAKE Avatar


  17. BLAKE Avatar

    how much $1,000,000,000,000

  18. Dave Avatar

    Skates look sick…should have kept the black toe cap…then the skate would look unreal….just a suggestion…

  19. ei tu dirst Avatar
    ei tu dirst


  20. adam Avatar

    i have a pair and they are really nice skates but there is so much white i think the toe cap should be black

  21. Dariens Martin Avatar
    Dariens Martin

    Is any one selling the Bauer supreme one.9 LE skates white size 9D that are new

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