Warrior Covert DT1 Hockey Stick

If you’ve been paying close attention to gear this post-season, you might have noticed a few players using a new Warrior stick. Mikkel Boedker of the Phoenix Coyotes is one of those players, along with Sergei Kostitsyn of the Nasvhille Predators. The new stick appears to be called the Warrior Covert DT1, and will be the next generation of Warrior’s Widow hockey stick.

The Warrior Covert hockey stick will feature an update of their taper technology, and the evolution will be the Dagger Taper 1, or DT1. It will also feature a very appealing black and white look. Most of the shaft itself will be black, with white lettering and shades of grey and white for some of the graphics. It doesn’t appear that Warrior will be following the “white out” trend that is becoming popular with new sticks such as the Easton Mako and CCM RBZ.

While the pros are getting use out of the Warrior Covert DT1 stick today, don’t expect a retail version of the stick until at least Fall 2012. Keep an eye out on this page, and our Hockey World Blog facebook page as we will posting updates as they become available.

For now, check out the Warrior Covert DT1 hockey stick below and let us know what you think!

Warrior Covert DT1 Hockey Stick
Warrior Covert DT1 Hockey Stick


5 responses to “Warrior Covert DT1 Hockey Stick”

  1. NYR Avatar

    What do we think? It’ll be several months until a civilian gets to really test it out. It’s expensive and light and used by the pros so it must be good, right?!

  2. SRS Avatar

    I have this prototype. Very well balanced, light and strong. Shoots great! Stiff as hell, but shots are unbelievable. Taper gives a lower kick point, and you feel it!

  3. JC Avatar

    I heard that the Covert DT1 won’t be available in the Gionta curve. Is this true? I sure hope not. I love my Gionta Widow. If these sticks have a new, more durable blade with the dagger taper, they will be perfect.

  4. CG Avatar

    I have one thats left handed for sale if anyone is interested at $175 email me. cgray12@hotmail.ca

  5. Austin Avatar

    Warrior Covert DT1, Kopitar 70 flex

    I have this stick it is amazing, Very nice fast shot, put barely any pressure on your shot and the puck goes flying. Great kick also. Very impressed warrior, keep it up.

    I’d recommend buying this if you have the money for it.

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