Interview With Bauer Hockey: Total One NXG Skates

This post is part of a series of interview questions we conducted with Bauer Hockey. Throughout the month of May, we’ll be adding new interviews related to newly released or upcoming Bauer Hockey gear.

Bauer Hockey began shipping their new Supreme Total One NXG skates in mid-April. Thus far, all signs point to another successful product launch for the kings of hockey gear. If you’ve been on the fence about the Total One NXG skates, or have been looking to learn more about them, look no further. Below is a transcript of a few questions we had for TJ McMeniman, Senior Global Brand Manager at Bauer Hockey, along with his insightful responses.

Hockey World Blog: What major differences are there between the NXG and the original Total One?

Bauer Hockey: The SUPREME TOTALONE NXG Skate is the natural evolution to the SUPREME TOTALONE Skate and the key feature is maximizing power from every stride. The major enhancements in the TOTALONE NXG are significant updates made to the 3Flex tongue and the Patented flexible tendon guard. The 3Flex tongue inserts still allow players to customize the flex and performance of their tongues from Mid-Flex, Stiff-Flex and X-Stiff-Flex. However, the tongue inserts now wrap around the top of the foot to give a better flex profile while providing added protection to the top of the foot against sticks, pucks, etc. The patented tendon guard on the SUPREME TOTALONE NXG enables the player to experience an increase of 5 degrees more range of motion (almost 20% more than TOTALONE) adding to the overall skating efficiency through increased stride length. This new technology also allowed us to reduce the overall weight of the skate.

HWB: What type of problems were people having with the Total One that you wanted to address?

Bauer: The launch of the SUPREME TOTALONE was one of the most successful and revolutionary skates in the history of BAUER. The SUPREME TOTALONE was well received amongst the hockey world. There were not any specific problems that needed to be addressed with the introduction of the SUPREME TOTALONE NXG. Instead, the NXG is the next phase in the range of motion platform that started with the SUPREME ONE90. The evolution of the SUPREME line is consistent with our goal in making BAUER skates the most advanced, highest performing products in the market.

HWB: Tell us about the type of player you expect to be using the Total One NXG and what kind of performance benefits they’ll receive over a lower-end skate?

Bauer: Just as important as to what type of player you are is also the way the skate fits. The SUPREME heritage has always been around Power and Strength. A player who skates with a longer, more powerful stride and is looking for a skate with greater range of motion would greatly benefit from the SUPREME TOTALONE NXG. Having a more natural range of motion really allows a player to get the maximum power and energy transfer out of each stride. The SUPREME TOTALONE NXG has an “anatomical” fit which means it fits closer to the foot and because it’s heat formable, gives a true 360° custom fit.

HWB: What has the response been from skaters at the professional level, as well as the retail (beer league) level for the Total One NXG skates?

Bauer: The response at retail – from both retailers and consumers – has been tremendous and we are seeing strong sell-through already. Players at the professional level have all been extremely pleased with the evolution of the SUPREME line. Those players who play a more “power” game and rely on long powerful strides to gain an edge on their opponent have really felt the difference and experienced that extra power through an increase in stride length.

If you have additional questions that you think might be helpful to yourself or other readers, please post them in the comments. We’ll compile a list of the best and have our friends at Bauer follow up with some additional insight on the Total One NXG skates.

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