Dekree DC:300 Hockey Stick Review Update

Back in January, Dekree sent us a couple demo models of their new composite hockey stick, the DC300.  I used the stick for a few weeks during roller hockey games and then posted my initial impressions review, which can be found here. But this stick impressed me so much that I continued to use it and wanted to post an update to my initial findings after a good 10 to 12 weeks of solid use because this stick seems to only get better as time goes on.

Model: Dekree DC300

Flex: 90

Modifications: Cut down two inches


One of the areas of focus that initially caught my attention was the durability of this stick. In my initial impressions review, I was most impressed with how well the stick held up after several weeks of usage. In fact, the shaft and blade still looked practically brand new. Check out the slideshow and video below to see photos of the shaft and blade.

After further long term testing of the stick, my opinion on the durability of the DC300 has not waivered at all. Outside of some minor bruising in the slash zone down near the blade, the shaft still looks practically brand new. The Kevlar reinforced slash zone really works well to help increase the stick’s durability. Similarly, the blade on the DC300 looks pristine and nearly flawless with no scratch marks or blemishes outside of a small chip on the toe. We’ve reviewed plenty of sticks over the years, and while many have scored well in durability and longevity, I don’t think any have come away from heavy use looking as good as my DC300 does.

The shaft still feels strong in my hands despite its light weight, and several blocked shots and good slashes on the shaft and blade have not set this stick back once. I got frustrated at a missed opportunity during a game recently and slammed the stick into the pipes of the goal, but the DC300 just took it and kept going. I looked afterward to see if I had even put a scratch on the stick and could barely find where I had made contact. In terms of durability, this stick will offer you a lot of bang for your buck.

Feel and Accuracy:

In my initial impressions review, I liked the feel for the puck that the light weight and balance of the DC300 offered, and I also had good accuracy with the stick as well. The only drawback at that time was that I had a difficult time elevating the puck more than about two feet with my slapshots, although any shots I did take were powerful.

Perhaps the DC300 just had a bit more of a break-in period, because about a week after posting my initial impressions review I began to notice the shaft “giving” a little more, allowing me to better place my shots – high and low. At first, despite being a 90 flex, I felt like the stick played closer to a 100 flex. Now, I feel like the stick has settled into a nice groove where it plays at a 90 like it’s supposed to. I still have trouble going top-shelf on my slapshots, but I’m definitely having an easier time lifting the puck after an extended break-in period.

Teammates have continued to comment on the power and velocity of my shots with this stick. I really like the way that the DC300 loads up the energy to produce powerful, fast shots. The stick features a carbon weave throughout the shaft and blade to provide a greater energy transfer to the puck while shooting – something that is definitely noticeable on slapshots. With the increase in power on my shots, this feature definitely gets the job done. Wrist shots are just as good, if not better, than almost any other high-end stick I’ve used. I wouldn’t say the DC300 has the same “pop” as some of the other higher-end sticks it competes with, but it certainly excels at providing the shooter with a significant amount of power.

Feel for the puck is excellent, especially in roller hockey where I have used the stick for the majority of my testing. The DC300 is very well balanced, allowing for good puck feel during stick handling and passing. As with my initial impressions review, I still find myself able to skate with my head up more and really feel the puck better on my blade when I am playing. Passing is hard, crisp and accurate. In terms of feel and accuracy, players of all levels will be pleased with the performance of the DC300.

Overall Impressions:

I’ve had the chance to use and review a lot of demo sticks through the blog, but for me, personally, the DC300 has become the new gold standard. It’s an all-around good hockey stick that couples a high level of performance and playability with a strong level of durability.

Dekree focuses their attention on adult rec league players, and I believe that is exactly who will benefit from this product. The durability will make players happy in the long run when they aren’t constantly shelling out money for new twigs, and players of all skill levels could benefit from the performance on shooting, passing and stick handling that the DC300 provides.

In addition, the stick not only competes with the higher end offerings of other manufacturers, but without the overhead costs that those other manufacturers incur, Dekree can offer the DC300 for a lesser, more affordable price of $200, whereas similar products would cost $250+ from other manufacturers. I’m very excited to see where Dekree goes from here and what they come up with in the future.

Interested in purchasing the Dekree DC300? Check them out online at! Have any more questions about this stick? Feel free to contact Chris on Twitter @HWBChris!


  1. I’ve managed to get a couple of these off a friend of mine that won them in a contest.
    One of them broke AS I WAS FLEXING IT.
    The other one had a nasty looking crack on it, but I’ve used it twice, and it actually isn’t bad.
    You notice how light it is, but it actually feels stiffer than the flex rating implies.
    I’m quite concerned about the durability, and all my Emails & voice messages to Dekree have gone unanswered.
    … which is been quite the ‘turn off’, as I would have considered trying it in 80 flex, but am NOT happy with the lack of customer support.

    • I used my Dekree for a long time and didn’t have any issues with the durability. I was actually very impressed with how well the stick held up over several months of use. Like you, I did find that the stick felt stiffer than it was supposed to be. This seemed to lessen for me over time as the stick broke in, however. It sounds like the sticks that you got from your friend were used, and without knowing to what degree it’s tough to gauge what went wrong, but I thought the durability was definitely a strong aspect of my experience.

      As for the customer service, I put in an email to my contact with Dekree to let them know about your concerns. Hopefully you hear something back from them in the near future. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!

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