Verbero Duro Puck

Verbero Sports, makers of the Verbero Aero Puck for roller hockey, are now preparing to launch their latest product – the Verbero Duro Puck. Duro, which is latin for endure, harden, or to last, will be a heavier puck meant for use on any roller hockey playing surface.

To make it more unique, the Duro puck will have interchangeable gliders which you can use depending on the surface. For example, if you’re playing a game on a smooth concrete surface, you may want to use one glider type. However, for stick handling and training in your own driveway, you can swap out for another set.

The ability to swap out gliders will also help the puck itself last longer. If you buy one Duro puck, you can continue to buy new gliders as necessary and replace the old ones when they got worn.

Some good engineering went into this puck as well. The team at Verbero Sports has designed the puck so you can pop the gliders out and put new ones in with ease. In fact, it really takes no time at all. Verbero posted a demo video where they put gliders in and then took them out all within about a minute and a half. No tools were required for the swap either.

Below, you will find a summary of information and specs on the Duro puck which came straight from Verbero:

  • Tool-less replaceable gliders
  • Reusable Puck Bodies
  • Weight is 4.03oz (added mass for stability on rough surfaces)
  • Multiple Glider types for varying surfaces and puck uses such as Off Ice Training.
  • Colors upon release; Black bodies, and Green gliders.

Additional Information:

  • Duro is Latin for; endure, harden, to last.
  • Retail Release is expected in the Third Quarter of this year. (In the months between July and September)
  • Pricing will be moderately above the Aero but will include at least one set of replacement or alternative glider sets. We cannot share official or speculated pricing at this time.
  • Gliders will be available for purchase separately so the Body can be reused many times. Cost of additional Glider sets will of course be significantly less than a puck, though we do not know yet where this price point will be.

Take a look at the Verbero Duro Puck below and let us know your thoughts. With multiple glider type and easy changes, do you think this puck will be a success? Will you be getting one this summer?


Verbero Duro Puck
Verbero Duro Puck



  1. Via the video, these don’t look to be the strongest clips. I’m guessing that when the puck hits the post/ board, some clips will come loose/ off. They need to concentrate on making pucks that will stay flat while stick handling and slide (speed wise) like ice pucks, for the roller world.

  2. Considering how many IDS pucks I’ve burned through in the past couple years, I can’t wait for this puck to come out.

  3. If you have ever used or seen a verbero aero puck in action (which was their first puck), you know that this will be a quality product

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