Sherwood Nexon 12 White Hockey Stick

Sherwood Hockey unveiled their latest hockey stick on their facebook page yesterday. The new stick is a white out version of their previous Nexon 12 hockey stick.

While it remains hard to tell if any of the materials or the stick itself has changed, it appears to be just a white out version of their Nexon 12 stick. The original Nexon 12 was praised by those who used it, but it seemed to be harder to get into the hands of players compared to sticks like the Stealth RS and Bauer Total One or APX sticks.

We can assume the Sherwood Nexon 12 white hockey stick will retail for approximately $189.99, just like the original version. The new white Sherwood Nexon 12 will be released in the fall as well, so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on one.

Check out the shot of Bobby Ryan showing off the new white Nexon 12 to some kids in Edmonton and see a close up of the stick below. Let us know your thoughts on the white Nexon 12 in the comments too. Will you be swapping your current twig for one of these?

Sherwood Nexon 12 White Stick

Sherwood Nexon 12 White Hockey Stick


  1. White sticks are only trending because Easton is really good at marketing sticks. Personally I think it’s dusty but it’s in style now so whatever. CCM RBZ, Bauer TotalOne LE2, and now the Nexon 12. All off the Mako.

  2. CCM RBZ was set to come out before the Mako their just wasn’t hype put around it like Mako was, they changed the date of the RBZ so that it would counter act with people having to choose between mako and RBZ so they released it a little later hoping people would wait

  3. Actually, Sher-Wood we’re the first to release any of these new trends. Think of the T90 Undercover. They had an all black version and the T70 was all white (both released before the RS and the Mako were out).

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