Bauer Supreme One.6 LE Limited Edition Skates

Arriving in October, Bauer Hockey will be introducing two new limited edition skates for gear junkies. The first, which were covered back in March, are the Bauer One.9 in white and gray. The other limited edition release will be the Bauer Supreme One.6 LE skates.

The white Bauer Supreme One.6 LE skates are looking pretty slick, and will offer that solid white-out color scheme at a more affordable price. You will be able to pick up a pair of the One.6 LE skates for only $199.99 when they’re available next month.

Bauer’s One.6 Limited Edition skates will carry the same features as the original One.6 skates. They will use a 3D trueform tech nylon on the quarter package and a dual density beveled TPU outsole. The liner will be hydrophobic microfiber with anaform fit foam ankle pads. The Supreme One.6 LE skates will utilize a 40 oz. two-piece felt tongue with metatarsal guard for lace bite protection. It will also feature a Tuuk Lightspeed 2 holder and Tuuk super stainless steel runner.

Check out our first look at the new Bauer Supreme One.6 LE skates below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Do you like the way these look? Or would you have rather seen a blacked out limited edition skate?

Bauer Supreme One.6 LE Skates
Bauer Supreme One.6 LE Skates





8 responses to “Bauer Supreme One.6 LE Limited Edition Skates”

  1. EB Avatar

    They look sick. And at only $200, that is a pretty sweet skate to have.

  2. Zach Avatar

    the .6s will attracts lots of kids getting 200 dollar range skates.

  3. MathYouMast Avatar

    Hands down the blacked out look is better looking. You better step up if your rocking all white skates.

  4. Dave Avatar

    The skate looks really good. Think it would look much better if they kept the black toe cap….

  5. Lenny Avatar

    Its a nice change from the traditional black skates but these kinda remind me of……….Figure skates anyone?!

  6. Zach Avatar

    dusty skiis

  7. jeremy Avatar

    i got does skates pretty good skates. skates real good i 100% recommend these skates!!

  8. Ryan Semain Avatar
    Ryan Semain

    I just got the Bauer supreme 140 the other day , they’re pretty sweet and they’re well light , they aren’t heavy on your feet

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