Easton Mako Hockey Gloves

On the heels of a leak of the new Easton Mako skates, other items from the Easton Mako line are now beginning to leak. This time, we’re finding out that Easton will complete the Mako line with a series of Mako protective equipment. This will be everything from shin guards to shoulder pads, and of course gloves.

Below is our first look at the new Easton Mako gloves. The Mako gloves below are actually the pro version, but the retail version shouldn’t differ too much in appearance. We’re definitely not too keen on the design elements, but fit, function and performance are always key when it comes to equipment.

All signs at this point lead to a release date around April, 2013, for the new Easton Mako gloves. The rest of the Mako protective line will drop around the same time.

Take a look at the Easton Mako gloves below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Are you digging anything about these gloves or would you prefer to pick something up from another glove manufacturer?

Easton Mako Hockey Gloves

Easton Mako Gloves


  1. Wow Easton has dug there self into a deep hole on the mako line they really need to be done with that line what style of play would thows gloves be used besides beginner

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