Easton Mako 2 Hockey Stick

Despite the original Mako stick having launched in April, Easton is already preparing for the launch of the Easton Mako 2 stick. The Easton Mako 2 hockey stick will feature some  structural changes over the 2012 model, as well as an updated paint job. The new graphics will align the Mako 2 stick more closely with the Easton Mako skates.

The Easton Mako 2 stick is all about quick hands, and getting the puck on net quickly. According the Easton, the Mako 2 stick was “completely redesigned to improve weight and balance.”

Easton will be using a lighter multi-ribbed blade on the Mako 2 stick, and has increased the stiffness and durability of the blade as well. The uni-carbon shaft will use one directional fibers to provide greater strength and less weight. The smooth surface also creates a tighter layer which will enhance energy transfer. Finally, Easton has used a textured shaft on the Mako 2 providing a contoured feel for the palms and fingers.

Keep an eye out for the new Easton Mako 2 stick to hit retail stores in 2013. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the Mako 2 in the comments. Will you be picking one of these up? Do you think it will be a great improvement over the original Mako?

Easton Mako 2 Hockey Stick





7 responses to “Easton Mako 2 Hockey Stick”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    I don’t like the new paint job. I like the white better on the current Mako

  2. Sniper Avatar

    So they are moving away from white blade…

  3. josh` Avatar

    there are pictures of camalerri using this stick and it’s white on the other side

  4. Peccs Avatar

    Looks very nice. I like the look alot more than the look of the current mako. I played with Anthony Walsh and the kid is freaking amazing. Listen to whatever he says.

  5. Knight hockey15 Avatar
    Knight hockey15

    Come on Easton you can do better with the graphics. I liked old graphics better. Hopefully the new ideas will better than those [explitive] graphics

  6. Phoenix farias Avatar
    Phoenix farias

    Looks great hopefully I will be able to pick one up but I’m still debating on rs 2 or mako 2 🙂

  7. M.duchene Avatar

    I use the 20k but might try this

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