Rollerfly Slide Plates for Inline Goalies


If you haven’t yet heard of Rollerfly, you may want to ke

ep an eye on these guys. Rollerfly has developed a set of slide plates for roller hockey goalies to enhance their game. Specifically, these plates will allow inline goalies to perform the same lateral sliding techniques used by ice hockey goalies.

While this concept may be similar to what can be seen on the latest Mission Slyde Goal Pads, the format is different. With Mission, you’re purchasing a brand new set of pads. With Rollerfly, however, you’re purchasing an add on to whatever pads you currently use. This can turn out to be a great benefit to someone who either can’t afford to buy brand new pads, or someone who does not have the desire to break in a new set of pads.

The Rollerfly product is a set of four hard plastic plates which are designed to fit on a wide range of existing goalie pads. The plates are easily strapped in to the existing leg pads, making setup quite easy. The plates use embedded ball bearings which allow the goaltender to move from side to side while already kneeling in the butterfly position.

While Rollerfly was designed with the roller hockey player in mind, it actually serves another purpose as well. The product can also be used by ice hockey goalies who are looking to do off ice training. Strap the Rollerfly plates on your pads and now you can practice on any smooth surface such as a basement with tile flooring.

Rollerfly is currently available for pre-order with adult sizes between 32″ and 38″. In the future, they will expand and offer the product for junior and youth players as well. The Rollerfly will only set you back $119.99 if you pre-order, with shipments beginning in March 2013. When it is widely available at that time, the cost will be $150.

Check out the video below for a demo of Rollerfly in action, and visit the Rollerfly website for more information or to pre-order. Be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments as well. Let us know what you think of Rollerfly and if you would consider getting this set up on your pads.


    • Hey there, this slide plate is great but pricey. Get yourself a piece of uhmw (ultra high molecular weight) or tivar, these two products are used on an industrial level for conveyer, and chains etc the most durable and affordable

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