Bauer IMS 11.0 Helmet

After acquiring Cascade Sports, we knew it wouldn’t be long before Bauer released a helmet using Seven technology from the Cascade M11 helmets. Instead of releasing one helmet, however, Bauer will be releasing a series of new helmets. The top of the line helmet from that series will be the new Bauer IMS 11.0 helmet.

As I mentioned, the Bauer IMS 11.0 helmet will come with patented Seven technology. This is a liner system designed to manage energy transfer from direct impact more efficiently than the foams traditionally used in helmets. This technology will compress on impact, laterally displace energy and then reset completely within seconds.

The Bauer IMS 11.0 helmet was also designed with comfort in mind. Using a low profile design, coupled with the ProFit2 system, you can achieve a nice 360 degree fit. The ProFit2 system relies on a 15 point no-tool setup which allows for micro adjustments to the entire shell to create that custom 360 degree fit. This setup will help to eliminate pressure points on your head, while still providing a snug enough fit to keep the helmet on your head during play and impact.

In terms of design, the Bauer IMS 11.0 helmet features an aggressive styling along with smooth and sleek sidelines. Using both shell and vent colors, the IMS 11.0 helmet will be available in 255 different color combinations. The shell itself will be available in 15 different colors, while the vents will be available in 17 colors. This will allow you to customize your helmet to match the colors of your team.

Bauer’s latest helmet will of course be CSA, HECC, and CE certified. It will be sold as a stand alone helmet, and also as a helmet with the Bauer IMS 11.0 cage. The cage will also feature the same certifications as the helmet.

Check out the Bauer IMS 11.0 helmet below and let us know your thoughts. Do you like the design? Will you be purchasing this helmet? Share your opinion in the comments and be on the lookout for the Bauer IMS 11.0 helmet to hit retail stores this spring.

Bauer IMS 11.0 Helmet


  1. Oh god that helmet looks just like m11.I hope Bauer will carry another line in the future that is their own technology and not cascades.all that is is a m11pro with Bauer decals.

  2. Not too excited anymore for the new helmet line. Just the m11 pro rebranded, so may as well stick with the cascade series and save a little money

  3. Even without the description you can totally tell that it is a Cascade. Its probably a great helmet I just don’t see a NHL using it in the future, they tend to stick to the traditional looking Bauer’s. But I guess that’s the way top end helmets are going to start looking i.e. Easton, Reebok so we better get used to it.

    • I don’t know if you read the opening line, but Bauer bought out Cascade. Look for Bauer’s helmets to start looking this way. I think it’s good they are starting to put R&D dollars into helmets to protect your head. Hockey players spend $200 on a stick but want to go cheap on a helmet, when really it should be the opposite.

  4. I know that Bauer bought cascade. But the helmet on the picture is the cascade m11 pro helmet who’s already out for sale…

  5. Stop chirping. You could get hit by a bus and not get a concussion with the m11. Jk dustyiest helmet on the market hahahahahaha

  6. That is NOT the IMS 11.0. No photos of the IMS 11.0 have been released yet. That is a photoshop of the Cascade M11 with Bauer logos added. The IMS 11.0 will be based on the M11 Pro, but it is not the exact same helmet. The Seven pads will be PoronXRD foam, and the ventilation system will be modified. The M11 Pro has gotten high marks for fit comfort, but low marks for cooling comfort, so that’s one of the issues they’re going to address.

  7. Yes, I know it’s from the Bauer catalog, but it’s still just a photoshop of the M11 pro. Google image search the M11 Pro and you’ll find that EXACT same image. That is not a photo of the IMS 11.0. Catalogs go to press months before they’re released. Bauer had to put something in there for a visual.

    As mentioned, the IMS 11.0 is not an exact clone of the M11 Pro, it’s a modified/improved (the latter term in the eye of the beholder, I suppose) helmet. That photo IS the M11 Pro. No one has seen the actual IMS 11.0 yet.

  8. Wow hope they don’t say it’s concussion proof like the m11 that was a huge lie but I’ll stick to my e700 the lightest on the market

  9. Well obviously it’s gonna look like an m11, if bauer just bought them out. Theyre combining technologies so the helmet will be better than a Reakt or m11. If you guys read the article instead of looking at pictures you might understand

  10. Thank you Bauer for not changing this helmet! It is the only helmet that will fit my kids heads and they do not complain about pressure points. I will be a client forever!

  11. every kid i know who wears an M11 says it’s the most comfortable & best fit of any they’ve worn. if Bauer can make it a little more sexy – more kids and pro’s will wear it.

  12. Bought the cascade when it came out …awesome.Bought the M11 …awesome.Bought the Bauer ims11…piece of crap.They put a piece of foam in which ran along the forehead and it kept falling down.Returned it,got a new one three games later it did the same thing,it kept falling and my son would have to take it off between shifts to adjust it and try to put this piece back in place.Took it back and Bauer said it was not happening to anyone else…ya right.They said it was an isolated inccident.Opened up a brand new one off the shelf,low and behold the yellow forehead piece was hanging off.Casade made an awesome helmet then sold out for the big money.Bauer wrecked this helmet.Gone to CCM.Thanks Cascade for selling out!!!

  13. I realize this is an old thread now, but I’m wondering if any of the problems that the M11 was demonstrating with players getting head cuts from hard impacts has been corrected. There are a few threads still out there discussing this significant flaw that I believe is directly related to the Seven technology itself (the edges of the honeycomb-shaped plastic grid pushing in upon impact).

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