Alkali RPD Shift Roller Hockey Skates

Alkali RPD Shift Skates

Alkali RPD Shift Roller Hockey Skates

Later this summer, Alkali will be releasing the Alkali RPD Shift roller hockey skates which are pictured above. With a great overall design and appearance, Alkali will be maximizing components on this skate, all the while minimizing price. Their approach in offering better components at a more reasonable price has paid off as more people flock to their skates.

The Alkali RPD Shift skates will be offered at a lower price than the RPD Max skates we previously featured, but still offer great components. The Labeda Dynasty wheels are still top notch, and you can assume they will roll on swiss lite bearings.

The boot construction looks solid on these skates, and should bake to fit your fit quite exceptionally, much like their other skates. The RPD Shift looks like it will come in around the $400 price range, but there is still no final word on that yet.

What do you think of the upcoming Alkali RPD Shift roller hockey skates? Are you a fan of the new look and incorporating some white into the design? Will you pick up a pair of these skates when they’re released? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know how you feel.



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